Sales Contract Template

A selling contract is signed for the purpose of sales matters between the purchaser and seller. With the passage of time the need for the selling agreement has been intensively recognized to ensure the standardized terms of trade and for a good investment.

The investment on the selling contract prior to entering in the business terms prove to be worthy if anything bad happens later on. Unfortunately most of the selling contracts are not valid enough to serve their purpose as most of the sales people never bother to understand the chemistry of the selling contract and also the legal aspects of a selling contract.

The basics of the selling contract lies in the terms and conditions upon which an offer is accepted. The contract cannot exist until and unless both the parties are agreed upon these key terms and conditions around the table. These contracts may be signed between the individual customers and sellers or may be among the agents and distributors depending upon the situations.

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Sales Contract Template

These contracts actually ensure the rights of both the parties keeping in view the rules and regulations of the trade and business being followed properly. You should hire a sales associate to discuss all possible terms before drafting such contract. A valid Selling contract should be designed in the presence of a legal adviser therefore not to ignore any of the legal aspect of the contract. There are few elements which can be kept in mind while having a draft of the selling contract ready.

  1. The details of the two parties which are entering in this business relationship along with their complete corporate status and addresses for the lateral correspondence.
  2. The quantity and the description of the object that is to be discussed for the upcoming agreement about which both the parties are interested to build up the business relations. It should be kept in mind that all the necessary details should be mentioned and if there are some specific product descriptions and requirements by the buyer and the meeting requirements should be mentioned.
  3. The date and day for the agreement with the site of the agreement should be there in the valid selling contract. The time period for the validity of the selling contract should be given.
  4. The offer letter from the buyer and the acceptance letter is given in the selling contract as a proof between the two parties for mutual consent. These offer and acceptance letter should have the complete price and quantity details along with the delivery details and payment details.
  5. In this section the terms and conditions for this selling contract are illustrated for which the agreement by both the parties is necessary.
  6. The law court or jurisdiction applicable on the sales issues is mentioned at the end along with the details of the legal advisors which are going to take the necessary actions in case of any legal dispute between the two parties.
  7. At the end there are the valid signatures of the parties and the witnesses which are present there at the spot.

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