Closing Statement Template

Closing statement can be defined in many ways i.e. the conclusion at the end of a case in court, the final financial statement at the end of each quarter or the final documents that are presented to both parties in case of a real estate purchase or selling. Closing statement is used in so many areas and fields that it’s not possible to explain it related to one field and the writer first has to decide from which perspective he will discuss closing statement i.e. law, accounting or real estate.


As it’s cleared above that closing statement can be defined in many ways and it is necessary to choose an area so here we will explain the closing statement related to law and court. It is very easy to elaborate that the closing statement is actually the final argument that each attorney presents in from of the judge and the jury. This argument includes information and overview of the entire case and a closing phrase i.e. therefore I ask you to release my client as it’s proved that he is innocent. You can also think of the closing statement as the last words of each lawyer in a particular case as no one will be allowed to speak to the judge or jury once they have completed their closing statement.

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Closing Statement Template

Importance of Closing Statement and its Elements:

Either we talk about a court case, financial statement or a real estate deal, final or closing statements are very important as they include the overall details of the entire case, deal or business quarter. Usually a lawyer is provided around 5-6 minutes to conclude his or her closing statement so it has to be brief but not lengthy as it won’t fit in 5-6 minutes duration.

A closing statement includes the facts and figures right from the beginning of the case and it’s the duty of the lawyer to include each and every important fact worth discussing at the end of the case. This is so important that most of the times, lawyers spend hours and hours on deciding what should they discuss in the closing statement and what’s not relevant to discuss in there.

Difference between opening and Closing Statements:

The critical difference between and opening and closing statement is that the opening statement is much of an introduction and letting listeners know what you want to talk about or what you will discuss in your talking where on the other hand, a closing statement is much of a conclusion at the end and it usually doesn’t add anything new as opening statement but only the previous facts and figures are discussed in the closing statements.

For example, in a court, when a case starts, the lawyer can’t declare that the accused person is the criminal i.e. murderer in the opening statement but he has to prove it throughout the case where on the other hand, in a closing statement, he can conclude his case by saying that the accused person is proved to be the murderer.

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