Army Sworn Statement Template

Sworn statement is important to use in various circumstances, including law enforcement and litigation of lawsuits. The sworn statements are provided under oath and penalty of perjury. Sworn statements are usually used for the police officers, court reporters, army officers and lot of other persons. You just have to swear that your presented and prepared statements are true. An army person or any other eligible person writes the sworn statement to testify your oath and your words will become the part of the whole proceeding. Your written statement should be based on truth, because it can change the life of a person and helps to determine the outcomes of a case.

Tips to Write Sworn Statement

Sworn statement is an important statement, therefore it should be written carefully and following are some tips to write a sworn statement:

  • Heading “Sworn Statement” is important to write at the top of the page followed by your legal name. You have to write the date on which you are composing the statement at the top of the page, instead of writing the date of the event or the statement delivered to the concerned personnel.
  • Write a chronological account of the events and write everything in the first person, such as “I saw” and “I heard”. Try to give as much detail as possible, but avoid your own opinion. For instance, you have to write the details of dress, instead of writing that the person was well dressed. Do not use hyperbole, and do not write that the man was as big as a mountain, give your estimate about height and weight.
  • The bottom statement should be something like this, “I swear that the my provided information is true and complete.” The statement will serve as a proof that you realize that you are under oath. Sign the statement and place the date next to your signature.
  • Send the statement to concerned personnel and the person should be on duty. Do not give your statement to the opposite attorney. Sometime, the attorney delivers the sworn statement on your behalf. If you are writing a sworn statement as the third party without any defendant and plentiful attorney, you can deliver your sworn statement to the officer of the court.

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Army Sworn Statement Template

Contents of the Sworn Statement

Sworn statement should include all the facts that are made under the perjury or lying under the oath. The penalties include fines and terms of the prison. It is important to state the date, name of the individual and address on the sworn statement. The witness has to write down his own version of the facts and the officials can narrate the statements of witness and what he is swearing is true. After completing the sworn statement, the witness should sign it to verify that everything is based on truth. Carefully proofread the statement before signing it. The officials can also write his/her name and sign the statement that will be used in the legal proceedings.

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