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If you want to become a market leader of top quality products and services, you have to write a sound mission statement to define your goals and objectives. An effective mission statement is important to elucidate the intentions and goals of your business. The mission statement should be a striking blend of realism and optimism. A great mission statement will help you to define objectives of your business. You can easily develop your business plans by writing a mission statement. It will persuade potential investors to invest in your business, and you can also enjoy lots of other benefits with the help of a sound mission statement. If you want to write an effective mission statement, you have to consider following elements:

4 Key Elements to Include

The mission statement should not only be written in optimistic tone, but the real purpose should be explained. The four elements that should be included in an effective mission statement are:

  • Value
  • Inspiration
  • Plausibility
  • Specificity

Write everything in short sentences to covey the true message about the value of your company and existing brands. You have to encourage your employees to work realistically and try to be as specific as possible. Do not forget to select a theme for your company that may help you to settle other matters of the company.

Keep Your Statement Concise and Simple

Write your mission statement in concise and effective way to make it easy to understand. Try to sum up the actual mission of your company in one or two sentences. Try to explain your slogan and keep it memorable and effective. There is no need to write complicated words and sentences to keep it friendly for the readers.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

The mission statement should reflect both short term and long term goals in an inspirational way. Try to be as specific as possible to make your mission statement influential. Clearly explain your goals in the mission statement and stay as relevant as possible. If you want to make your mission statement effective for long time, use global language to write your mission statement and to clearly explain the purpose of your company. You should explain the growing potential of your company in future.

Test Your Mission Statement

If you are redrafting your mission statement, do not blindside your employees and test your mission statement on them for trial. Dispense the final draft of your mission statement among your employees and ask them to modify it. In this way, you can get better ideas to design a more comprehensive mission statement to accurately reflect your organization.

Frequently Revise Your Mission Statement

If you want to cope with changing era, you have to revise your mission statement on frequent basis. Include new ideas and themes in your mission statement to increase the profitability of your business. Your mission statement should show the parallel direction of your business to persuade potential investors. Tweak your statement and make all necessary changes on frequent basis to increase the profitability and success of your company.

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Mission Statement Template

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