Copyright Statement Template

This is quite obvious from the title that it’s a statement that informs others not to copy a material or a product as the producer or the owner has registered it to his name.

Brief Description:

It is very much possible that when a person invents or writes something remarkable or unique, there grows a competition in the market making others to do the same or copy the style. This can be little disturbing for the one who originally produced it. For example, a person writes a great novel and when it’s published, it’s a hit. Now some people will publish it without the knowledge of the author which is not the right thing to do. This is why authors put a copyright statement on their writing to inform others that no one is allowed to copy or publish the content without writer’s knowledge or permission in some cases.

This is not only for the writers but every business and company uses copyright statements all the time. If a company has established good credibility in the market, it is possible that someone else will open a company of the same just to take advantage but it could damage the credibility of the original company so in order to save their name, companies register their names and produced brands so that no one can copy it for their own sake.

Benefits of Copyright Statement:

As we have discussed above that the key benefit of copyright statement is that the owner or the holder of the registered content i.e. product, service, written material can protect his invention from people who want to copy it for their own sake. This way the owner or holder also makes sure that his content will not be published without his knowledge and there is no chance that someone will change anything just for his own good.

What goes in a Copyright Statement?

© “Copyright” Name of the owner of the copyright Year when it’s registered Statement “all rights reserved”
Usually there is a symbol for putting copyright on something but if you somehow can’t, just put C in parentheses like (C). Secondly, you need to add the word ‘copyright’ along with the symbol. Here goes the name of the owner or the holder of the copyright statement. Here goes the year when something in particular was registered i.e. 2010, 2011 or 2012. At the end, you need to add the phrase ‘all rights reserved’. This gives people an idea that it’s legally your property and no one can use it in any way.


Putting limits on the Copyright Material:

When you copyright something i.e. a book or a screen play, the basic idea behind doing that is to make sure that no one uses it in any way against your will or without your knowledge. Most of the times, people who copyright something, don’t allow others to do anything with copyrighted material but sometimes, they put some limits or jurisdictions i.e. publishing without author’s permission is prohibited. This means that the copyright material can be published but the publisher needs to ask for the permission of the writer or author.

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Copyright Statement Template

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