Artist Statement Template

An artist statement is a short piece of writing drafted with a creative mind behind it to complement a particular painting(s). The artist statement should be written carefully, because it is an important selling tool and helps you to promote and explain your work to people interested in your paintings; they can be potential buyers, stewards of exhibition, fellow artists, or casual browsers. The artist statement should be reader-friendly, informative and easy to understand without any irritation or funny statement. It is a vital part of the good portfolio and the owner of the gallery always respect a well designed artist statement.

Length of the Artist Statement

Too long and too short artist statement will not help, because the people can’t read lengthy details and the incomplete statement is not beneficial. Try to write almost 100 words in the statement and divide the contents in the three short paragraphs to grab the attention of reader.

Contents of the Artist Statement

The artist statement should contain details about the painting style and the theme of painting. You can write few words about your painting approach and mention your education related to it. Do not forget to write about your inspiration and the significant awards you have won in this field. Write about your collection, previous exhibitions and painting organization societies. Keep it in mind that you are just writing introduction of your skills and the painting, instead of converting your artist statement a resume. There is no need to worry if you do no have painting qualifications, because your work will show your credibility, instead of your qualifications.

Use Visual Words

If you find it difficult to describe your thoughts and work with your words, do not worry, because you can explain everything in visual words. It is true that a painter finds it difficult to write artist statement, you can highlight your achievements in the visual words. While describing your work in the artist statement, you have to consider that the person did not know anything and you have to explain it. Write all qualities that you want to promote by designing an effective artist statement.

Modification in the Artist Statement

If you want to make some changes in the artist statement, do it easily, because the statement will be changed in every situation. You have to write a separate artist statement according to your skills and particular applications.

Make it Active

It will be good to use verbs, important terminology and ideology to make it comprehensive. Do not use third person, because the first person is a perfect choice. For instance, you can write the style of painting and your disagreement with other cultures.

Read and Revise

Your artist statement should be free from all errors and for this purpose, proofread your statement. Take the services of a friend to read and revise the statement. Write in professional tone and do not be apologetic for anything. A well written and comprehensive artist statement will help you to increase your sales.

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Artist Statement Template

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