Capability Statement Template

A statement that defines the capabilities, skills, achievements and accomplishments of a company is usually known as capability statement. This is an official document presented by the company that wants other companies or businesses to do business with it.

Elements of a Capability Statement:

  • Company overview
  • Description of the products and services a company is offering
  • Brief description of the above mentioned services and products
  • An overview of past performance in the market
  • Comments from potential clients and long term customers
  • Qualification statement by senior staff or board of directors
  • How a company is planning to perform in the future (regarding the performance)
  • An overview about what a client should expect from the company
  • Contact information (street address, telephone numbers, fax number, email address and website)
  • A detailed list of previous customers along with their recommendation comments

Here is preview of a Free Sample Capability Statement Template created using MS Word,

Capability Statement Template

Although we have discussed the elements of a capability statement above in the content but this topic is very important and as most of the companies use capability statements almost every day, we are going to provide you a brief idea about how to write an impressive and unique capability statement for your company. There are three basic elements that you need to include in the capability statement such as;

  1. Capabilities:
    This is the top and most important element of a capability statement. If your capability statement doesn’t even have any specific capabilities enlists in the document, what’s the use of this document then? It is not a good idea to put the capabilities in dense and lengthy paragraphs explaining irrelevant stuff but you should enlist the capabilities in a bullet list form so that with a glance, it’s easier to understand it.
  2. Differentiators:
    This is a list of the aspects or factors that differentiate you and your company from other service providers in the market. With this part of the capability statement, you actually convince the reader to compare your company with other companies in the market and see the difference by his own eyes. This part doesn’t seem very difficult but when you do it, you find out that this is very hard to enlist the difference when there are dozens of the companies providing the same services in the same market.
  3. Past performance:
    If you are doing business for a while, you definitely know that most of the time, clients come with references. This means if you satisfy one customer, there are good chances that you will get 10 more clients just because of that one satisfied customer. In the same manner, you provide your previous record and achievements in the past in this capability statement and this way, you enable the readers to analyze that your company is worth trusting as number of other people did.

Types of Capability Statements:

  1. One page document (used for open door relationship with agencies and customers)
  2. Capability statement (part of a request for proposal response)
  3. Capability briefing (capability statement used during meetings)

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