Delivery Slip Template

A delivery slip is also called an “advice note”. It really is an assistance of distribution. Usually it is placed outside the box with customer’s name and address. It contains a detail of inside items of the box. The customer uses it to cross check the contents of the delivery. After he is satisfied with the items he just received, he signs on the delivery slip that is then, returned to the company.

In some countries the customer is supposed to keep the delivery slip. He signs on another paper instead of delivery slip which then returned to the shipper. Each company has its own rules. Some companies want to get back the delivery slip with receiver’s signature to make sure that he has received and checked the consignment and he is satisfied. That slip then goes to the permanent record of that company. On one side it helps them to evaluate the remaining stock and on the other hand, by keeping customer’s information, they can offer a discount if the he orders again in future.

Free Delivery Slip Template

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Delivery Slip Template

Delivery Slip Format Guidelines

Generally a delivery note is a printed paper and it shows the following details:

  1. Company’s name and logo
  2. Company’s address along with fax and phone number
  3. Order number
  4. Date
  5. Expected arrival date of the shipment
  6. Customer’s full name and address
  7. His postal code and phone number
  8. Details of the inside items along with their quantity
  9. Signature area for the customer

In case the delivery slip is for the customer to keep, there is no signature area on the slip. Instead, the delivery person takes his signature on another paper and returns it to the office. The signature of the customer is very important. It ensures the Currier company that the shipment is safely delivered. On the other hand it goes to the shipment firm’s record to eliminate any future error.

Using Delivery Slip Template

A delivery slip does not contains any price details of the inside items. The price of each item is printed on another paper called sales invoice which is usually kept inside the box. The delivery slip only helps the customer to ensure everything is in order. Sometimes in case of more than one items, company sends more than one shipment. In that case, the details of the second delivery are also printed on the bottom of the delivery slip in form of a note.

If the customer is not satisfied with the delivery or something is missing, he can contact the consignee. In that scenario, he doesn’t sign the delivery slip and the shipment in some cases goes back to the company who sent it. The delivery slip does more than that. You can custom make a delivery note with your company’s name and logo. It will serve as an advertisement.

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