Donation Slip Template

A donation slip or receipt serves as a proof for those who donated some money for your organization. When a person gives his money in some kind of donation, he wants to have a proof that his money is in safe hands and there is no possibility of fraud. On the other hand, the organizations also need to issue slips when someone makes a donation. In this way they eliminate any upcoming error. They have to pay the taxes and these slips help them to calculate the actual payable tax.

In some countries like US, it’s compulsory to make a receipt whenever a donation is made. People also donate different goods like clothes, toys and house hold items and it’s important to keep a record of all those items. When a person donates some toys, he wants to be sure that he has done the right thing and those toys are going in the right hands. Research shows that people feel more satisfy if they get a receipt of their donation whether it’s big or small.

Free Donation Slip Template

Here is preview of this Donation Slip Template in MS Word format.

Donation Slip Template

A donation slip is a piece of paper. It includes the following details:

  1. Name of the organization along with its logo
  2. Registration number of the organization
  3. Slip number
  4. Date when the donation is made
  5. Name of the person who is donating
  6. Address of donor along with his phone number
  7. Type of donation i.e. cash, check or goods
  8. Amount of the cash
  9. Condition of the goods
  10. Signature area for the authorized person who received the donation

It’s very important that the donation slip provides the name and address of the donor because if there is a problem with the donation then the organization will be able to contact that person. Problems like bounced check or if something is wrong with the donated goods. And if the authorities find any error related to the donation they know who to contact. If someone is donation on behalf on another person, it is important to send a complimentary note to that person.

You can find a donation slip template online if you search on internet. There you can find a number of designs categorized according to the organizations. It’s very easy to fill those donation receipts. If you want, you can issue printed slips by using a computer program. In this way you don’t have to do written work. On the other hand, you can make your own donation slip according to your organization’s needs and purposes.

If the organization has to pay taxes, it’s much more important to keep a record of all the donations which is only possible by issuing slips at the time donation made. Believe or not, but the donation an organization gets, is its income. It has to pay tax for it. By issuing donation receipts, you make sure to have all the proofs to show to government authorities when it comes to paying the taxes. On the contrary a donor may wish to have a receipt of his donation even if he is not going to pay any taxes. It’s may be for his personal record so that he has the exact information of how much he have spent.

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