Acknowledgement Receipt Template

Here is a good looking Acknowledgement Receipt Template to help you print your own receipts easily. People use Acknowledgement Receipts to confirm the delivery of requested items such as goods or documents.  For Goods receipt, you can download our Delivery Receipt Template as well.

Write notes for any follow up while printing a comprehensive acknowledgement receipt. Acknowledgement receipts are also known as advice of receipts, advice of delivery, return receipt requested, wanted or demanded. These Acknowledgement receipts are usually sent within one business day after receiving the requested items.

Importance of Acknowledgement Receipt

Acknowledgement receipt is a legal document that helps someone to prove his/her business with you after receiving payment or package of products at a specific date and time. These are simple documents with important piece of details on them. In order to increase the authenticity, you can ask the receiver to sign these documents at the time of delivery. It will confirm the authenticity of transaction described in the form.

Free Acknowledgement Receipt Template

Here is preview of this Acknowledgement Receipt Template.

Acknowledgement Receipt Template

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Types of Acknowledgment Receipts

Acknowledgement receipts are an important document that is used to verify goods and services received or rendered. Typically, the signature of recipient on the invoice or any other form serves as acknowledgement. There are some important and frequently used official types of acknowledgement receipts.

Acknowledgement Letter

It is basic official document that you can use as an acknowledgement receipt. This receipt usually explains different facts and figures about the transaction and requires the signature of receiving party. This receipt explains the details of transactions such as parties of transaction, date and signature from each party. Each party is provided with two acknowledgments of receipts so that both can manage their record.

Email Acknowledgement

These receipts contain same information as the physical paper copy of an acknowledgment of receipt with the complete description of the transaction. It will explain how much or what is being exchange for particular service, the date of receipt design and involved parties. This will help you in the email paper trial in the court in the time of need or any confusion.

Third Party Acknowledgment

Third party can also involve in the whole transaction to deliver money or goods. He/she will be an important part of the transaction to sign the acknowledgment receipts related to the delivery of goods and services. Third parties can also receive acknowledgment along with delivery services like DHL, UPS or FeDEx. Legal documents like third party acknowledgment allow them to support this transaction. It will help you to go to court in case of any issues and discrepancies. This will be a preferred way to complete the transactions as a third party delivery services have not self interest in the transaction other than to keep both parties happy.