Wedding Invitation Template

Just getting started with your Wedding Invitation? Allow me to share with you this Wedding Invitation Template in MS Word format.

Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding theme and whole about its expectations. In fact, your Wedding Invitation gives the first glimpse at your upcoming event of wedding your guests receive of this special day. This invitation also sets the perfect and true reflection of your love and commitment toward your affianced. So it needs your special attention, and don’t skimp out this important and foremost part of your wedding arrangements. Make your Wedding Invitation count!

As mentioned above, invitation of a wedding is the first peek at your wedding style. It needs to enlist the details of location, time, day, the invitation, and some clues about the style and formalities of the upcoming ceremony. Convey some hints about the type of event you are going to throw and the theme idea about the wedding more specifically, i.e. classic and elegant, glam and modern. This idea is to be given through the invitation before the potential guests start shopping for the ceremony so that they can come to the wedding as appropriate as possible.

No matter you are making your Wedding Invitation by yourself or hiring a professional designer to do this job, your choice really matters. Before you start shopping or selecting the stationary for the invites, decide your invitation style that can hit and convey the same note your wedding is going to be. Start browsing images for the Wedding Invitation that can be easily collected from the stationer’s websites or the graphic templates. It will give you inspiration so that you can choose your idea for your invite, i.e. images, objects, colors, shapes, sizes, wording etc.

Choose colors keeping in your mind that your colors should incorporate with the motif you have selected. For instance, ivory, cream, or white cards stock paired with a black or golden font on it is a very classic choice for formal Wedding Invitation. Just it should be readable choice about the colors. Invitation cards traditionally appear in a rectangular shape with regular size of 4.5 x 6.25 inch, but modern designs and trends are more appealing with customized shapes and sizes, i.e. circular, scalloped, and square shapes. Keep in mind when you select a design that veering away from a standard size, shape and weight can increase your postage.

Here is a good looking Wedding Invitation Template created using MS Word,


Write the message wisely and spell out everything including the time of ceremony; only Mr. and Mrs. are abbreviated generally. Name of host is listed first, and then comes the request to attend the ceremony; just like “Request the honor of your presence”. Choose the wording wisely in accordance with the style of your invite. Other necessary to mention components of Wedding Invitation include time and location of ceremony, couple’s name, the dress code (if any), and RSVP information for the guests. Don’t try to squeeze too much onto the invitation card, so that it is easy to read and looks elegant.

Your Wedding Invites should be prepared longer time before the wedding, i.e. a few months, few weeks, or even a couple of days, depending on how fancy you go for your invites and wedding ceremony. Tell your guests to respond to the invitation card earlier so that you can make final headcount at least 2 to 3 weeks before the ceremony. The more time given to your guest to respond, the more likely they are to forget; so keep the time not too long. The cost of Wedding Invitation may vary according to the design and stationary you choose for it.

Here is download link for above shown Free Wedding Invitation Template as MS Word File.
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