Calendar Template for Office

Calendar is a perfect tool that makes us aware of dates and help in remembering some important events. Calendars are important for home use too however, the need of having a calendar in the office is something really ameliorated because for successful day-to-day business operations punctuality is very important. There are lots of calendars available in the market that people can purchase them easily for office and home use as well as a number of online calendars are also available that are the perfect choices for office calendars. An office calendar must have attractive features, decent look, matching color theme to the theme of the office and obvious and clear look. All these things will make your office calendar something more than just a date telling tool. Instead of purchasing a calendar for office from any bookshop or downloading from the internet, one can simply create a personalized office calendar with more fun and charm. A personalized calendar is a good choice because this will show the level of your creativity to those who visit your office.

Here is preview of this Calendar Template for Office created using Microsoft Word 2013,

Calendar Template for Office

Creating a calendar for office is not a big deal and anyone can create and design a unique calendar using Microsoft word. Some effective tips for creating a calendar in Microsoft word for office are as follows.

  • Launch Microsoft word, 2007 is a good and latest choice, click on “office Button” then “New”. A new page will be open with a list on the left side of the page, click “Calendar”.
  • Click on the option “other calendars” and then on “Calendar Wizard”.
  • Click “Download” the calendar wizard template will be downloaded on your page.
  • Click “next” then choose a style for your calendar like portrait or landscape, then “next”, then choose “direction and pictures” if you want to add some stunning photographs of your business, natural sceneries, your own photograph etc., do not forget to leave space for adding a photo. Click “next”.
  • Choose a date range, it will give you options for creating a monthly or yearly calendar.
  • Click on finish.

For adding a photograph or image in your office calendar, you can simply surf the internet for choosing appropriate photographs. Always consider the theme of your business and your office for choosing photographs for adding in the calendar. These photographs will make your calendar attractive and any time when you look at it you will find relaxation and fun.

After creating a smart and decent calendar for your office, you can simply print it to an office color printer. Use a fine paper or card for printing a calendar. Printing a calendar for office on the backside of your visiting card is another smart idea, this will share the cost of printing calendars and visiting cards. A good thing about personalized calendars is that, you can simply highlight the important events that will take place throughout the year in your office or business. Like special holidays, vacation season, meetings that will be held in a month etc.

Here is download link for this Calendar Template for Office,