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A salary certificate is an important document that is used worldwide by almost all kinds of businesses and corporations. The primary purpose of a salary certificate is to provide proof that the certificate holder currently works at the mentioned organization and has the mentioned designation. As the name suggests, a salary certificate also contains a breakdown of the individual’s salary, including rent allowances, car allowances, travel and disturbance allowance, tax deductions, bonuses and other finances that are related to the designation.

Since a salary certificate contains information about the salary structure that is being offered to a professional by a company, it is a confidential document which is given on request only. It is usually required when applying for a loan from a bank, applying for financial aid to a university, or in other similar circumstances where proof of employment or details of personal finances are required to be produced. In most cases, it is the responsibility of the Human Resources department of a company to create salary certificates for the employees, but this might vary, depending on the size of the organization.

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In order to create an effective salary certificate that contains the required information and does not miss out on any details, the following design tips should be followed:

Company Logo: The company logo should be placed at either the top center or the top left of the document. It should accompany the name of the company, the address, and one or two contact numbers and email addresses. In this way, banks and institutions can easily get back to the company for reference on the certificate holder if necessary.

Body: This is the most important part of the salary certificate. The body contains all the necessary details that are the essence of the certificate. The full name of the employee is included, and it is mentioned clearly that this document certifies that this individual currently works at this organization, and has been working here since (insert date here). It is also imperative to include the employee’s employment status (permanent, temporary, internee, contract based) and his or her current designation.

Salary breakdown: This is also an essential part of the salary certificate. There are several ways that this breakdown can be mentioned, but the most effective method is to create a table in which the complete salary breakdown is put down. This makes it easy for the reader to find the information that he or she is looking for. Most salaries are structured on the basis of allowances.

There is a basic package, and then there are several allowances which add up towards the total amount that the employee receives, commonly known as the ‘take home’ amount. In countries where tax is implemented, this amount is calculated after tax is deducted. In the salary certificate, there are separate fields for different allowances like travel, rent, and gas.

Signature Block: At the bottom of the document, there is a section where the certificate issuer puts down his or her signature along with the stamp of the company and company details. In some cases, the signature block also contains space for the signature of the certificate holder.

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