Wedding Party Invitation Flyer Templates

Weddings are joyous part of people’s lives. They have different types of arrangements on wedding ceremonies. Decoration with flowers on wedding ceremony has become a custom. Flower decoration is selected to decorate  wedding gazebo, aisle, and church if wedding is going to take place in church, entrance, wedding stage etc. wherever you want as per choice.

Flower decoration not only adds a stylish look to wedding but sometimes it may be very expensive for you if you are determining to get out of season flowers for floral arrangements. Different floral shops offer discounts on purchase of flowers especially with respect to wedding season. They offer their discounts by distributing their offers through flyers. You may have seen flyers titled as “Special Offer on your Big Day” along with the name of shop. Such flyers are also made by following the theme of Wedding Flyer Template to present wedding related messages or offers. Such flyers are very helpful for floral shops to present their offers in an effective way.

Wedding Party Invitations

Making a list of numerous arrangements you may require for your wedding will help you determine about questions like:

  • How Are you going to Invite Your Guests to this party?
  • How much Budget you are required to print your Wedding Invitations?
  • How much bouquets are required for bridesmaids and flower girls?
  • And lastly, how many centerpieces you will need?

Finding out answers of all these questions will help you estimating your budget prior to move on wedding arrangements. If you are willing to have printed Wedding Party Invitation Flyers on your wedding day then we can offer your several Free Wedding Invitation Templates to download. Please choose one of them for your Wedding Part to add a personal touch to your invitations.

Free Wedding Invitation Flyer Templates

Here is preview our first Wedding Invitation Flyer Template to assist you in creating and printing your own Wedding Flyer quickly. Please note that all the text elements are editable and anyone can easily change it along with its color and Word Style. Similarly, you can relocate all pictures to further customize its look and feel. We strongly recommend you to replace these placeholder pictures with your own.

Wedding Invitation Flyer Template

Here is download link for this Editable MS Word Flyer Template.

Another stunning Wedding Flyer Template for you in MS Word format to assist you in creating your own design. Following MS Word Flyer Template includes several relocatable graphic items that you can pick & drop to place as per your own choice.  Double click on the text items to edit them and add your own message. Similarly, you can copy paste or can add new text items by Insert -> Text Box options. Similarly, you can add more photos but make sure they are with transparent background.

Here is preview of this exciting Wedding Invitation Flyer Template in MS Word.


Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this MS Word Wedding Invitation Flyer Template.

Yet another beautiful Wedding Party Invitation Flyer Template in MS Word to spice up your wedding party. A Creative Heart Shaped heading can communicate your heart feelings effectively. Again, you can easily edit all the text present in this flyer along with pick & drop of all graphical elements. Don’t forget to replace images with your own to give it a personal look & feel.


Here is download link for this Wedding Flyer MS Word Template.



Wedding Party Guidelines

  • You should consider choosing only readily on hand flowers for your wedding. Looking for out of season flowers will get you out of your budget. So to maintain your budget, you should honestly discuss with your florist about your budget. By knowing your tight budget, your florist will recommend you most inexpensive flowers.
  • If you decide about holding your wedding during Christmas season or right after Easter, it will help you saving lots of your money. This is due to the reason that after Easter or during Christmas season, church will already be decorated and you will not required making lots of decorations.
  • You can limit your flower selection to a color scheme or theme color of your wedding and this will help you maintain your budget.
  • You can also consider holding your wedding on some garden or park. You will not require having heavy floral arrangements at such places as these sites are already lush and beautiful.
  • You can consult rental suppliers about large potted plants. Using potted plants will fill a lot of space and will also frame your ceremony site. If you rent plants or flowers for your wedding arrangements, you will find it far cheaper than buying large flower arrangements. Rented flowers will only cost you per hour for only your wedding day.
  • One tip can be of using artificial flowers than purchasing natural flowers. This idea will work for you in this sense that if you are going to buy bulk flowers for your wedding arrangements, you cannot be able to reuse these natural flowers as these will wither by passing the day. By using artificial flowers you will not face such problem and you will be able to reuse them for long time.
  • You should also consider avoiding holding your wedding in month of February because in February flower prices are at annual high due to Valentine’s Day. You will find a rush of people in this month at flower shops. Due to high demand of flowers, flowers’ prices will be very high that will disturb your budget.