Monthly To Do List Template

These days when everyone is busy working and developing their professional careers, no one has time to remember what they are supposed to do on the next day or even next week. In this situation, it is very difficult for you to remember what you are supposed to do on a specific date in the next month. There is no way you can remember a certain task that you will do on the 15th of the next month. In order to make this process easy, you can use a monthly to do list. With this list, you can enlist all of your tasks that you are supposed to complete on each day of the month and this way you can just take a look at the list on each morning without trying to remember what you wanted to do that day. This tool also makes it efficient for you that you don’t forget anything and also, with this list, you can prioritize your tasks in a certain order according to their importance and urgency.

Essential Elements to Include in the Monthly To-Do List:

  • Name of the person who is creating the list
  • Date on which the to-do list is created
  • Name of the month for which the list is being created
  • Brief description of each task
  • Name of the person who is responsible for each task
  • Time to complete each task
  • Importance of each task

Here is preview of a Free Sample Monthly To-Do List Template created using MS Word,

Monthly To Do List Template

Useful Tips for Creating a Monthly To-Do List:

  • Gather the tasks that you need to do on monthly basis in one place:
    Before you start putting anything on the to do list, write all the tasks that you want to do on each day of the month on a rough paper and then analyze if you are missing something or not. This way you can see if you have added every task on the list.
  • Organize the tasks as their importance:
    When every task is written in front of you, see which ones are more important than others, which ones are urgent and which ones can wait for a day or two. This way you can organize the tasks with the level of their importance and urgency.
  • Prioritize the most important tasks:
    Once every task is organized, put the tasks in the list and start with the most important tasks that you want to do before any other thing. This way you can also manage your day and make sure that before the day ends, you complete the most important tasks.
  • Mention duration or completion time in front of each task:
    While enlisting the tasks on the monthly to do list, always mention an estimated completion time in front of each task. This way you can evaluate how much time it will take you to complete the tasks on each day and if you don’t have enough time, you can just start with most important tasks.

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