PERT Chart Template

PERT which stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique is a business or organizational tool that is used for managing the projects and steps included in order to complete the project. There are many tools and steps included in a PERT chart but most importantly; it includes scheduling, coordinating and organizing the different steps of a project. In simple words, a PERT chart is a diagram that explains the beginning, duration, and steps included and finishing of a project.

It is very interesting that these days this technique is used in businesses and organizations worldwide where back in 1950, it was originally developed by the US marine to help schedule and organize the submarine missile programs. It was very effective at that time and the accuracy was almost 100% for the scheduling and that led the corporate world to use this technique in business and corporates around the world.

Importance of PERT Chart:

As we have discussed above that PERT chart is an evaluation technique that is only used for project management, it means that only businesses and organizations use this technique whenever they are about to start a new project. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you want to run and either it’s a big one or a small one, you can use the PERT chart technique in almost any kind of project in different businesses. Some businesses use this chart for the entire project and managing the whole process where some also use it for short term purposes i.e. just a part or step of the entire project.

Application of PERT Chart in Business:

In order to implicate the PERT chart technique in your business, you need to go through the following processes or steps.

  • Determine the steps or tasks included in the project:
    This is the first step that needs to be done before the PERT chart is constructed. At this stage, the in charge or the project supervisor needs to review the entire project and enlist the tasks or different stages that need to be done in order to deliver the final results.
  • Define and explain the first task that needs to be done:
    This is the second stage where one needs to define what will be the first task to complete in order to begin the whole project. This may or may not include the duration to complete the project which depends on each project.
  • Define the next task that can be started simultaneously with the first task:
    This includes the explanation of the second task that can be started with the first task at the same time.
  • Determine the second task that needs to be done:
    This includes the second task that will be started as soon the first task is completed or it can also be started along with the other stages if that’s possible in the project.
  • Define the durations or completion time for each task or step:
    There are two options for you in order to implicate the PERT chart on your project; you can explain the duration or deadline for each stage on each step with the individual task or you can mention the required completion duration of each task separately on the chart.
  • Define the critical path on the PERT chart:
    This includes the tasks or steps in the project that needs to be done on short term basis and as these tasks are the most important ones in the project, it is really important that they are done on time in order to eliminate any delays in the project.

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PERT Chart Template

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