Income Verification Letter

An Income Verification Letter is essentially a letter that verifies an individual’s income. Getting full disclosure and proof of someone’s income can be an important factor for many people. For instance, you are applying for health insurance and the insurance provider needs to verify your income before confirming a certain policy to your name or when you apply for home mortgage and the bank asks for your income proof to analyze if you will be able to make monthly installments. More commonly, when you want to rent an apartment or a building, the owner or landlord will ask you to provide income verification letter. With this letter, they will evaluate if you can afford to rent the property and if you will be able to make rent payments on time.

Guidelines to Write an Income Verification Letter:

Individual’s Complete Details:

This income verification letter starts with including full details of the person preparing it. If you are preparing your income verification letter, start with putting your full name, contact info, complete address and email address at the top. If you are self employed, mention it in this section as well or if you work in an organization, mention its name in the letter.

Describe the Purpose of the Letter:

Once personal details are included, it’s time to state the purpose of creating this letter. For instance, if you want to rent an apartment and the landlord asked for income proof, you should state that this income verification letter is to provide income proof for property rent.

Create the Main Body of the Letter:

If you know the name of the person who will receive this letter, address to that specific person or say ‘to whom it may concern’ if recipient of the letter is not confirmed. The overall tone of the letter should be polite and formal. In this section, you need to state the purpose of writing this letter and then comes the most important part; enlisting all of your income sources. If you have a job or business, start with putting your monthly salary or profit that your company makes. If there are extra sources of income i.e. retirement fund, investment or pension, make sure to mention these as well.

Summarize the Total Income:

Once you include all of your income sources and the income figures, the next portion should clearly mention full income that you get each month. This part should also state the expected increase or decrease in the income along with the sustainability i.e. I will retire from my current job after 5 years and then I might start an investment plan.

Signature and Disclosure:

At the end of the letter, you should create a list of documents that you have attached with the letter. For instance, tax return forms, bank deposit slips, monthly account ledger or salary slip from the employer. After that, state that the information you have added in the letter is true to your knowledge and finish the letter with putting your signature.



Your name:

Your company name (or name of organization that you work in)

Your address and contact information


Subject: income verification letter for renting an apartment


Dear Mr. (name of recipient),

As per our meeting last Friday when we signed rental agreement for renting the apartment that you own, you asked for my income verification letter. Within this letter, you will find details of my income resources along with the specific income that I make from each of the resources.

  1. I work at (name of your organization) as marketing manager and this is a full time job. After deducting taxes, my monthly income from this job is $5,526.
  2. I have a diploma in website development and I work as a freelance web developer and my income from this source is not fixed. Last month I made $524 and the month before that, I earned $485.
  3. I have invested in the stock market and again this source of income is also not steady but the profit goes up and down with each month. Generally I make about $200-$230 each month.
  4. I have small partnership in a local coffee shop with 2 of my friends and the profit that I get from this business can vary from $1200 to $1500 each month.

If I calculate my income from last month and the month before that, it’s $7450 and $7477 respectively.

With the letter, I have attached my bank statement, tax return forms, business profit sheet and payment slips from my clients for my web development services.

To my knowledge, the information that I have added here in the letter is true.

Hopefully I have added all the necessary information in the letter as per your request but if anything is missing, kindly let me know and I will produce any additional information as well.



Your name

Your signature

Income Verification Letter in MS Word

Here is this same Letter in MS Word Format to assist in downloading and editing in MS Word right away.


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