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While managing a set of different employees, and giving them various tasks, sometimes it gets hard for the management to keep a check on the work being done and see if the task assigned has been efficiently carried out by the employees. In such cases, maintaining job sheets are very important. Job sheets are basically a form that is usually made for companies in advance, and just have a few details that need to be filled in by the supervisor or the manager.

These sheets basically take an account of the workers working on one particular task, the date and time they were assigned the task, details of the task, and how long did the workers take to complete the task assigned to them. In addition, job sheets allow the supervisors to make comments on the progress of the task being fulfilled for the management to see if there was some problem that came in between or what exactly went wrong.

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Job Sheet Template

Therefore, the importance of job sheets are many. It helps the companies to keep a check on the progress of the workers, and gives them a solid proof on what task has been completed and which one is still in progress. Through this, management is likely to keep a check on the progress and plan the bigger and much important tasks accordingly.

Also, job sheets are likely to create motivation among the workers to work better. If they know that the management is keeping a check on every work assigned to them, and every task that they are working on, the workers are likely to work better, and faster. As they are likely to know that if they fail to provide the service expected of them in due time, they might get penalized for it from the higher management.

Moreover, the option to maintain comments, also allows the workers to talk to their supervisors of any kind of problems that they may be facing while trying to complete the work. This would again increase the motivation levels of the workers as they are likely to know that their grievances and troubles are being taken note of, so the management would know that they tried their best. However, some external factors might have influenced the progress of the work assigned to them.

Moreover, for the human resource management also, the job sheet is likely to be of utmost importance as they are likely to have check of all the works being assigned to the employees and how many did they manage to complete. Through this check, human resource management is likely to make the appraisal for the staff and decide if an employee should be promoted, made redundant or dismissed from their position.

Therefore, the importance of job sheet are not just few. In fact, a whole long list adds on to the importance of job sheets. It is therefore recommended to companies to manage job sheets to see if the employees efficiently carry out the work assigned to them or not.

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