Gift Tag Templates

Allow me to share with you these Free Printable Gift Tag Templates using MS Word to let you print customized Gift Tags for your Gift Wraps. All these Gift Tag Designs are prepared by myself and available for free download to anyone without any restriction.

Christmas Gift Tag Templates

Do you need Gift Tag Designs to print for gifts you are giving away on this Christmas? Here are some unique and attractive Christmas Gift Tag Templates in MS Word format to quickly assist you.

Here is preview of our first New Gift Tag Design available for free download.

Christmas Gift Tag Template

Editable Gift Tag Template

gift tag templates



Click on the link below to start downloading this Tag Template.

If you prefer to have a bigger size Gift Tags printed for your Christmas Gift Wraps, then review following Christmas Gift Tag Design in MS Word. Again, being in MS Word, it is very easy to tailor it to any kind of specific requirements.

This template contains 4 equal sized Merry Christmas Cards that you can cut after printing. You can customize them and can also add different fields such as To, and/or From fields. Moreover, you can also print more greeting messages as well.


Here is download link for this Christmas Gift Tag Template.

Yet another good looking Christmas Gift Tag Template that can easily be customize to print some good looking Tags easily. This template also contains four cards in quart shape so that you can easily print and cut these Gift Tags quickly. No need to mention the importance of editing it before printing as so many other might also be using them.

Printable Blank Gift Tag Templates


Here is download link for this good looking Christmas Gift Tag Design.

If you prefer small size Gift Tags then here is another good looking collection of Printable Gift Tags for any kind of holiday season. Here you can print 8 Gift Tags in one sheet of paper with different color schemes. It is also quite easy to change pictures in these Tag Designs to give it more personal look.


Here is download link for this Christmas Gift Tag Template.

Here goes another useful Gift Tag Template that offers more than 10 Gift Tags to be printed on a single sheet of paper. This Gift Tag Sheet is particularly designed keeping in view the Christmas Theme but it can also be used for other occasion as well.


here is download link for this Christmas Gift Tag Template.