Who is Who Flyer Template

Download my Who is Who Flyer Template in MS Word format that is DOC file to download. This flyer template is prepared using MS Word to reduce difficulty for a normal PC User in designing it. Usually, you will find such flyer template in PSD format which is Photoshop File format and relatively difficult to edit.

The Who’s Who Flyer is a type of flyer that represents structural information related to a group of people. Such printable Who is Who flyers can help people in organizations to print informative brochures easily. Even in family events, you can use this flyer to describe and introduce your family tree to your guests. This flyer can list all the members of a family along with their names, photos and their relationship.

Downloading and saving a collection of free flyer templates can always be handy when you are on rush. This will help you print your desired flyer designs very easily.

Printable Who is Who Flyer Template

You can download this Who is Who Flyer and can print it on A4 size paper at home or office. At home, you can use it to introduce your family members to new guests. Print flyers from this word flyer template and distribute it on events like family reunions, birthday parties and/or wedding ceremonies.

A family who’s who flyer is synonymous to a family tree in which at the top of the flyers you list senior family members. You can extend your flyer printing to multiple pages in case of more members to introduce with prominent showcase. For example, a family has members like grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren etc. to display and list down.

You need a color printer to print eye catching flyer designs easily at home.

Who is Who Flyer Design Preview

Here is preview of a free Who is Who Flyer Template created using Microsoft Word,

Who's Who Flyer Template

Who is Who Flyer Template for Organizations

A who’s who flyers in organizations can help you to introduce the new batch of of employees to the senior ones. This printable flyer is particularly helpful for new employees to identify names of their seniors with designation according to departments. In an organization who’s who flyer is based on departmental divisions, in which along with the name of the department, the photos, names and designations of the senior and valued members of each department are there. The flyer is simple and organized enough and the styles of who’s who flyer vary from organization to organization.

Using this Who is Who Flyer Word Template

  • The who’s who flyers are used in family reunions and organizational reunions and gatherings.
  • It can be used to introduce the junior or new employees to the senior employees.
  • It is good to use when an organization has lots of branches in different regions and it is difficult to gather all the employees whether senior or junior in a single place to introduce with each other. Who’s who flyers then act as introductory notes that are created by each branch and are sent to each other to introduce the staff members of different departments.
  • Who’s who flyer helps the employees to understand the levels of different employees like who is senior to whom and who is junior to whom.

There may be other uses for who’s who flyers in organizations as well as in families. The uses of who’s who flyers are solely depending on the purpose. There are a number of online templates available for who’s who flyer that anyone can easily access to use.

Here is download link for this Who is Who Flyer Template DOC,