Gift Box Template

Gifts are essential for increasing love and affection and therefore people from all walks of life exchange gifts on special occasions. The presentation of your gift has a great impact over your gift and is an exciting and loving thing. Gifts, that are wrapped in a good and unique style increase its value and the value and love of the sender too in the eyes of the recipient. Allow me to share with you a Gift Box Template in MS Word format to help you print your own boxes easily.

Gift wraps and gift boxes come in a variety of styles and options to make your gift more attractive and charming one. It is not necessary to spend lots of dollars in purchasing expansive gift boxes but with a little creativity you can create some stunning gift boxes at your own and can make the gift box more personal and loving.

Items with which you can make Gift Box

Every day we use a number of items in our daily routine that comes in different paper, metal and plastic boxes. Creative people never throw out these boxes and keep them store in a safe place and then reuse them as a stunning gift wrap. Such items that one can use as gift boxes includes empty cereal packs, tin of fruits, vegetables and other items, plastic baskets, bowls with lids, boxes of bakery items that are usually comes in a variety of shapes and styles, shoe box and clothes box etc.

Here is preview of this Gift Box Template created using Microsoft Word,

Gift Box Template

Things that you will need for creating Gift Boxes

There are a couple of key elements that you must have to keep with you while creating gift boxes. These items include colorful gift wrapping paper, tape, glue, scissor, cleaning cloth, hot water and different items for decoration like beads, gems, ribbons etc.

Guidelines for creating a Gift Box at home

  • Choose a box that suit the size of your gift. You can choose anything from your box collection according to your choice. If your chosen box is of bakery item or of any other food box, ensure clean them using hot water. The tin can be washed with water and detergents, while for paper boxes, use a wet cloth for cleaning purpose.
  • Keep the box in the sun, this will not only make it dry but also eliminate any odor.
  • If the box has any kind of printed wrap on it, remove it using a knife or blade. If it is hard to remove the print, cut the box from one side and turn it in a way that its printed part face inside the box. Close the box with tapes or glue as it was never opened.
  • You can also use color sprays on it to hide stains and prints etc.
  • Use an appropriate gift wrap paper, like for birthdays you can use the one with balloons, for a wedding or valentine the hearts and red roses can be the best options.
  • Place your gift carefully inside the box, close the box with tape and then wrap the gift paper all around the box.
  • Stick colorful gems and beads in the gift box if your gift wrap is plain. You can use ribbon flowers and net flowers for decoration.
  • Don’t forget to paste a lovely card with your wishes and name on the top of your gift.

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