Birth Certificate Templates

A birth certificate as the name indicates is a certifying document of the birth of a child. These certificates are in use all over the world for record-keeping purposes and to be used in legal matters relating to court of law and other law authorities. You can also see our post on Marriage Certificate Templates to download them if you want.

Birth certificates have a long history and the Church of England initiated this process of registration for keeping records of people who are born and baptized. This was initially started in ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, etc. but the use was propagated to even the 18th century and holds fast till today. The ancient purposes of birth certificates were to generate tax on the basis of population and other power resourcing purposes.

Uses of Birth Certificate Templates

Birth certificates are used, as described earlier in matters related to the court of law and other legal matters. The main purpose of a birth certificate however is the identification of an individual on the basis of his or her time of birth, place of birth, and the parents to whom he or she was born. This leads to the age verification of a person. Birth certificates find their use in matters where the aging factor is an important element, such as certain jobs that require a specific age group; for example, military jobs where a specified age group can enter only. These certificates also prove to be helpful for students enrolling in an education program where an age limit is implemented.

One of the major uses of a birth certificate is that it is the first official identification document of a child until he or she gets a driving license or national identity card or passport and hence provides nationality proof. Birth certificates are also used in a court of law for adoption purposes.

Free Birth Certificate Templates

Here is a preview of this Birth Certificate Template which is clean and simple. However, it contains all the key elements that one can ever require in a Birth Certificate. Preparing such certificates in MS Word has an advantage that anyone can easily edit it without much hassle or going through a long learning curve.

Birth Certificate template

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A more colorful and unique certificate design to prepare and print your own Birth Certificate quickly. Please make sure you replace the seal graphics at the bottom center where you can see a placeholder image right now. In case, you don’t have any such seal image, delete this placeholder instead of printing it as blank. You can easily pick and drop elements to arrange your own layout as per your requirements and situation.

Here is a preview of this Colorful Birth Certificate Template in MS Word format.

Birth Certificate Template 02

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Another useful Birth Certificate Design with a classic border design. It is the most frequently used design that almost everyone loves to edit and print. Change of color scheme is as per your situation and feelings. Again, MS Word allows you to change its colors, text, layout, and even replace key images to give it a completely new look.

Preview of this Elegant Birth Certificate Template in MS Word.


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Simple yet professional Birth Certificate Design that can quickly enable you to prepare and print your own Birth Certificates quickly. A framed border gives it a special look that some people just love to see. The images on the right and left-hand side of Parents Names can easily be replaced in case you don’t like it. Similarly, you can easily relocate text items and can edit them to your taste. Feel free to change font, size, and weight as per your feel even colors if you like it to be more colorful.

Here is a preview of this good-looking Birth Certificate Design.


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Birth Certificate Format Guidelines

Birth certificates are usually issued by a registration authority of any district, state, or country. Birth certificates are issued by these authorities following a certificate issued by a medical hospital which provides proof of the birth of a child; the registration authority then issues a birth certificate as a response and recognition. The design of the birth certificate is that of most formal documents in use. The long and short forms of this certificate are of their own design. The longer form is usually a full page (the size of legally used in any country) document stating the certification statement and signed by due authorities.

The short form on other hand is a card form, easy to hold a certificate. Both the forms should have the name of the holder, date of birth, place of birth, issuing date of the certificate, a registration number, and signatures of the registering authority. The longer form, however, should also have a detail on the parents’ side where their names and other details should be included. The color theme and text should be formal and according to the directions of a registration authority or legal authority dealing with registration matters.
Birth certificates hold great legal value until an individual is of the age of registration for a passport or national ID card.

Here is also sharing Irish Birth Certificate you can also check this.

Irish Birth Certificate Template

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