Swim Lane Flowchart Template

A swim lane flow chart which is also known as swim lane diagram or cross functional diagram is a commonly used process or technique in companies and organizations to display complex information or systems in simple terms. This technique uses lanes for displaying information and connecting them with each other so that’s why it is called a swim lane flow chart. There are individual lanes in the chart and each lane is assigned to an actor or a representative that is responsible for that lane which either represents a department, project or a part of the company.

Importance of Swim Lane Flowchart:

There are dozens of important elements and factors about using swim lane flow chart in businesses and companies but some of these benefits are more important. First of all, it is really a great benefit of this system that it gives a clean overview or inside details about a system when there are more phrases included in the system. It is quite hard for the owners and stakeholder of a company to understand the process when there are multiple factors involved in the system but this technique make sure that they even that kind of people can understand the process easily.

Secondly, when the system or technique is so simple, it helps the company to train and educate newly hired staff about the strategies and policies of a company. We have discussed before that with this chart, the system is very easy to understand which makes it convenient for new employees to take part in the management processes of the company and help the seniors in making strategies and plans for the company. There is another big benefit of this chart as it can be applied to a number of other systems including BPNM diagram, UML activity diagrams and many other general charts and graphical representations.

Thirdly, swim lane flow charts don’t play the role for displaying useful or complex information in simple terms and ways but this system helps the viewers or the owners of the company to find out the weak points in the system where it’s easy for anyone to make a mistake or hack the system without much effort. This way it is easy for the management to remove those factors that could lead to a cheating in the system inside the company.

Application of Swim Lane Flowchart in Business:

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run but you should understand that it is not possible for all of your employees and management staff to understand the company strategies and chain of command easily. To make sure that they understand each part of the organization, swim lane flow chart is here to help you out. This chart not only represents complex information and factors in simple ways but it also allows the owners and management of a company to see where it is possible for the employees to make mistakes in the system and how can those weak points can be improved in order to remove the problems and issues.

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Swim Lane Flowchart Template

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