Completion Certificate Template

Completion certificate is such a document that is given to the individuals who has passed any course, test, training session and series of test etc. Completion certificate can also be said an academic certificate that is given by an institute like school, college, university, academy, training centre and others like that. This document is very particular to the individual who accomplish the completion of his/her course or study. A completion certificate contains some important information like:

  • Institute name
  • Individual name that get completion
  • Date
  • Course name
  • Remarks

Completion certificate is created in a simple but professional way because it becomes part of an individual’s personal documentations and helps in getting job and profession in future. Completion certificate is given to students and trainees by their institutes as a token of appreciation and evidence that they have passed the concerned course or training.

It is very important to recognize the completion of a person for his/her study, course, training, on job efficiency, project and like that by the organizations and institutes. For this purpose, organizations and institutes prepare professional looking completion certificates to give to their students. If you need to have a good looking completion certificate for your institute and organization, you can create it in simpler way. You just need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you need to select the most appropriate software for creating a good looking completion certificate. MS Word, MS Publisher and MS PowerPoint are the best software to design certificate of completion.
  • Create a border for completion certificate. All contents of certificate must come inside the border. It gives very professional and nice look to certificate.
  • Then you have to determine the type and purpose of completion certificate. This is for you can put your required contents in required text boxes. Insert required text boxes to put contents of the completion certificate. Also leave place to put institute logo on top of completion certificate.
  • Start filling text boxes with required text and keep in mind to add all necessary information that is written on a completion certificate. Keep aside a sample of completion certificate to take help in adding contents.
  • You can additionally add more text boxes according to your requirements.
  • Edit font size and style according to the requirement of completion certificate. You may need to make some text bold, italic, large and small size. Choose proper font style and size that look very professional and attractive as well.
  • Select a nice background color, usually light colors are used to make background theme of certificates like white, faun off white, light grey and brown. Although black is also used to make backgrounds of certificates.
  • Add a signature line at the end of certificate. This is very important content of each certificate and don’t miss to add it in completion certificate.
  • Save your file in your computer system and be ready to take print out of completion certificate.

These tips and steps are sufficient to make you convenient in creating a professional like completion certificate.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Completion Certificate Template created by our staff using MS Word,

Completion Certificate Template

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