Birthday Voucher Template

By | June 22, 2015

What is the most important thing or asset for a company or business? Probably you will say capital or business partners but the real asset of a business is its employees and clients. A company runs and operates only because of its employees and clients who work for its progress and growth. Professional companies and organizations always respect their employees and customers and make them realize that they are very important to them. Companies give appreciation and performances certificates to their employees or award them with bonuses on extra ordinary performance. When it comes to clients, customers or consumers, companies remember them in their happy moments like birthdays, weddings and annual events like Easter or Christmas. It’s a fact that when you wish a customer on his birthday, you make him feel that he is important to you and your company. This way you don’t do much effort but you make an endless relation with that customer.

If you have decided to wish a customer on his birthday, you can send a greeting card, flowers and a gift if you want. But the problem is that you don’t really know every customer or yours and it’s hard to realize whether they will like you present or not. This is the point where a birthday voucher comes handy. A birthday voucher is kind of a certificate or coupon which you can use to buy stuff or discount on shopping from a particular shop or outlet. A gift voucher is just like a gift coupon or paying in cash to the lucky person so that he or she will get whatever they want. This voucher contains a certain amount of money in it which the owner can use to buy stuff or get services like makeover or manicure pedicure. Companies offer these gift vouchers to their customers on their birthdays as an appreciation of being excellent customer or because of regular shopping visits at the company.

Here is preview of this Free Birthday Voucher Template created using MS Word,

Birthday Voucher Template

General guidelines to create a birthday voucher:

  • First of all you have to decide what type of voucher you want or need. It may contain a special service, an item or some amount of money to offer the receiver.
  • Then you have to decide what kind of voucher you think your customer will like the most. For example you want it simple which only contains necessary information and a few lines about your company and the offer or you want it to attract the people by putting an image or some graphics on the voucher.
  • Then you need to consider what will go on the voucher about your company. Majority of people doesn’t like to read long or dense paragraphs as they like images more because this way it’s easy to understand the key purpose of the message.
  • Once you have decided all that, it’s time to start a designing program such as Photoshop or Coral draw in which you have to pull a few strings and the software does all the work. It’s necessary because you can’t make a corporate voucher by hand as this way it looks unprofessional and stupid.
  • Once you are done with designing, download it in your computer or print it right away. But if you need to approve the design by a supervisor, show him the design first and then finalize it.

Here is download link for this Free Birthday Voucher Template,

Download Birthday Voucher Template

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