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In the modern age of technology, every man tries to look different than others and likes to call himself a unique and special person. The one special thing to look like this is to have a brand name. In line with the United States Promoting Affiliation, a brand can be “a name, term, design, symbolic representation, or any element which determines one dealer great. It is type of the service which is unique from those people’s services which have other dealers. A brand name illustrates any unique product, a family regarding products, or perhaps many distinct items. ”

Brand positioning describes how, where and why a manufacturer is different by its competitors, which is located in the certain current market. These kind of distinctions could be genuine ones and have many motivating attributes in this competition. Market customers recognize your brand and this recognition will paint a picture associated with the way you desire that how will your customers be able to experience your brand name. The potential of the manufacturer will enhance and he will be able to sustain in market by using his brand uniqueness and specialty if a manufacturer is able to understand that what will be the effect of its brand on customers and market. The client will like to use your brand regardless of your brand location if you give discount packages and offers as compared to other competitors.

Brand positioning, however, provides a company the ‘positioning’ inside a marketplace. Its record is usually a brief outline demanded by costumers. It is an exclusive image regarding how we want our brand name in marketplace in order to experience by customers. Though it might look similar to another brand or anything else but your promotional advertisement and your location record is surely an inside software. Each advertising and marketing person who decides to create design and representation of your brand name must arrange services according to customer’s standards, ideals as well as your finance. Brand positioning statement is straightforward, unique, and designed to make the distinction in the marketplace. It is excellent, good, unmistakable and easily recognized picture of the brand which distinguishes it in the market and in extreme competition. It assists a person to review whether marketing laws are in line and reliable for the brand. It forever guarantees the space for perfection.

  1. There are four basic elements or components of a positioning statement:
    Concentrate on a particular Group: Target the particular assembly or a group whether it is political, religious or traditional. This will help the brand to have a special corner in the heart of that assembly or group.
  2. Framework associated with Reference: There should always be a particular framework for particular product that offers the particular invitation to the consumers.
  3. Benefit/Point associated with Difference: The most powerful and stimulating thing is that the brand should be certainly individual in the hearts and thoughts associated with a group in accordance with your services and packages.
  4. Reason for you to Believe: The brand should produce precisely what is guaranteed and demanded by customers.

For an instance:
The following positioning statement was used by exclusively in 2001, when it retailed books:

“For World Wide Web users who enjoy books, is a retail bookseller that provides instant access to over 1.1 million books. Unlike traditional book retailers, provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection.”

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Brand Positioning Statement

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