Network Diagram Template

A network diagram is also known as project network diagram or flow chart in simple words and this is one of the many graphical representations that companies use these days. Usually, a network diagram is referred only to the computer networking and most people know this diagram in related to the computer based networking but this can be used in both companies for general presentations of research and review details or computer networking.

Network diagram is a type of representing the details of a project or a system in which each part is shown separately on the diagram and it indicates the process flow i.e. step by step process or beginning and finish line. Each part in the network diagram is known as terminal element and the first element is the point or part of the project from which it needs to start. Usually this diagram is created from left to right in order to indicate the project chronology. If you find it hard to understand, you can also say that a network diagram is a presentation that indicates all the elements involved in a project and the manner in which each element relates to others.

Types of Network Diagrams:

Network diagram is one of the presentation techniques or tools that have more than one type of presentation technique. This means there are different types of network diagram and depending on the situation; you can use either one of them. Usually each type of the network diagram or the way of presentation is known as topology and it includes the following topologies:

  • Bus topology
  • Star topology
  • Ring topology
  • Mesh topology
  • Tree topology

Here is preview of a free sample Network Diagram Template created using MS Word,

Network Diagram Template

Importance of Network Diagrams:

As a business owner or the manager of a company, you know that the first thing about starting a project is to define a path on which the entire team needs to go in order to reach the finish line. The network diagram makes it simple and easy to define and explain the elements involved in a project and the sequence in which they needs to be done. This system or technique also priorities the sequence of the elements or parts of the project so that the team can understand which part needs to be completed before others and which part can’t start without finishing the previous step. This also makes it convenient for the employees to understand the link or relationship between the steps or elements of a project.

Application of Network Diagram:

Businesses and companies work on projects and it is not quite often that a company finds enough time to concentrate on a single project but they usually have to work on more than one project simultaneously. In that situation, it is really important to understand the needs and requirements of each of the projects in hand and to do so, network diagrams are very helpful. With these diagrams, you can easily present the critical path to follow in order to complete the project and eliminate the misunderstandings, issues and obstacles.

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