Cause and Effect Chart (Fishbone) Template

Cause and effect chart which is also known as the fishbone diagram or the Ikishawa diagram is a commonly used technique in businesses through which, business owners get help to find out not only the problems but with this chart, they can also identify the root causes behind each problem.

This technique or business chart was invented by a Japanese quality control manager and thus it’s named after him as Ikishawa diagram but as this is a visual presentation of the facts, problems and after impacts, the diagram has a form of a fish and that’s why it’s also known as fishbone diagram too. This technique was originally invented in order to make the production team and its members understand the less important solution to bigger problems. This way also invented in order to save time for the companies by defining the problems in a better way so that it’s easier for the owners to find a broader and long term solution.

Importance of Cause and Effect Chart:

As a business owner, you know that when you or your business encounters a problem, it is just a matter of time that you can find a solution to that problem but if you think outside the box, you will understand that the solution isn’t the best idea for the problem if it doesn’t remove the root causes behind the problem. With cause and effect chart or the fishbone diagram, you find the actual causes behind each problem and this not only gives you enough to work in order to eliminate the problem from the roots but also gives you an idea about where each solution will lead in the future.

Application of Cause and Effect Chart:

We have explained the invention and purpose of this chart above and thus you can easily understand that this technique is widely used for business purposes. Companies and organizations use this technique in order to find the problems in the business along with having inside understanding about the problem so that it is easy for them to understand and find the real causes of each problem at grass root level.

It is easy for managers and supervisors to eliminate a problem for a short period of time but fishbone diagram helps those who want long term solutions to their problems which is only possible when you find out the real causes behind the problem. This way you can eliminate the causes or the roots of the problem for a long time.

In a fishbone diagram, the head is actually the potential problem which needs to be solved where the backbone is just a straight line that attaches each problem or side bone to the backbone which leads them to the key problem.

In a fishbone diagram, you are required to have at least 4 causes of a problem because with less than 2 problems on each side of the line, you can’t form a fishbone and thus the key element gets missed.

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Cause and Effect Chart Fishbone Template

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