Formal Meeting Agenda Templates – 6 Free Templates

There are a lot of different situations in which you have to write a formal meeting agenda. They are used primarily in business, that is, in all types of businesses. There is a format for all these meetings. So, what happens in a business, a whole lot of meetings. I am sharing my own formal meeting agenda template to help you in preparing the similar.

Unless it is just a meeting between you and someone else, as long as there are 3 or more people then the meeting is probably going to have an agenda. But, the formal meeting agenda are not just related to businesses. Board meetings, PTA meetings etc. are all the type of meetings that have a proper agenda.

Maybe you are planning to take the business writing course or the business communication course then you have to write a business meeting agenda.

They are actually very simple, but they are very important because they structure and regulate how the meeting flows. So, it is very important for everyone in the business community to learn the components of what goes in an agenda and how to lay one for their business meetings etc. Given below are the main components and their arrangement in the formal agenda template.

Here is a preview of this Formal Meeting Agenda Template to assist you in this task.

formal meeting agenda template

Here is download link for above shown Formal Meeting Agenda Template,

Here is another good looking Formal Meeting Agenda Template in MS Word Format.

Formal Meeting Agenda Template 2

Formal Meeting Agenda Template 3


Formal Meeting Agenda Template 4

Formal Meeting Agenda Template 5

Formal Meeting Agenda Template 6


Structure and Format of Formal Meeting Agenda Template:

There is an exact way to type the formal agenda template. Here, we will go through about the information that the formal agenda template must include.

What always go at the top of the page goes at the center of the page. That means you type it at the top but at the center of the page. Primarily all that information that must be in a formal agenda template is:

  • Agenda:This is written at the top center of the page. It means that I have to have a n agenda on this page that you will follow in the meeting organized in your firm or company.
  • What meeting is this?This means that if it is the planning meeting committee for hospitals? Is it the high school prom? Is it the wastewater planning treatment meeting? So, whatever the meeting is, you have to list it after the agenda.
  • The dateof the meeting.
  • The timeof the meeting.
  • The locationof the meeting. If this happens within a company or one building then that might say something, like, company conference room, company cafeteria or where ever it is going to be.

This information must be laid down in this way at the top but at the center of the page. After this blank space is left for the user to write their notes.

Order of the Formal Meeting Agenda Template:

There are certain things that have to be in an agenda in a proper manner and in a proper order. It is very important to communicate the step by step events effectively so that the audience or the participants must know what is going to come next. This will help them to keep the track of the meeting. Each one of them will know their presentation and participation timing. It will run the meeting in smooth manner and bring good results from the meeting.