Office Meeting Agenda Template

Here is an Office Meeting Agenda Template that I have created to share with you. Every big and small organization organizes meetings off and on. The purpose is to declare something or may be to discuss the issues for the betterment of the company. The office agenda is very important in order to set up a meeting. Therefore, an office agenda template can help the organizer a lot.

The office meeting agenda template helps you to know the correct order of the meeting that you have to follow in order to run the meeting smoothly. There are multiple steps in the meetings, so their proper organization in a sequence is very important to get most benefit out of the meeting. Given below are the various components or areas that are essentially present in an office agenda template.

Components of Office Meeting Agenda Template:

The office agenda template has different areas, such as:

  1. At the top is the just the date and the meeting objective.
  2. The second important thing is the attendees. Along with this there is an agenda with priority area.
  3. After this, the meeting minutes area comes in.
  4. At the end, the action items, deadlines and other information area is present.
  5. At the bottom is the parking lot area.

So, the first thing you do is to fill up the date of the meeting and the meeting objectives so you give some context for it. It means that what you’re going to be talking or discussing in the meeting. After this you can fill up the names of the attendees, that is, the people who are participating in the meeting. You must fill up this section in a sequence in which they will show up for the meeting. Sometimes, you can also write where they are located if it is a conference call. Also, if you need someone to time the meeting so you can also put time with it.

Here is preview of this Free Office Meeting Agenda Template using MS Word.

office meeting agenda template

After this, you will write the agenda in an office meeting template. You will start the items with their priority sequence.  The most important ones are at the top of the agenda list. You can also ask people about any of their items to mention in it. You can also write up randomly and then give them the priority number at the end.

Once the prioritization is done, you can carry on the meeting. Sometimes, you also come up with the action items. Usually people write them down with the deadlines. You can mention the points in the discussion to see the progress.

Sometimes, there are also discussions about things that do not relate to the meeting so these points are adjustable in the parking lot area. The meeting goes on and once you get to the end the meeting, the review of the action items is the next step.

Also, you have to reconsider the parking lot points. This means that if you still have time in the meeting, you can talk about for some of the points in the parking lot. If the time is up and you have some points to discuss, then you can reschedule the meeting for the remaining items.

Here is download link for above shown Office Meeting Agenda Template,