Lesson Plan Templates

Students learn a lot of different things in schools and colleges and every day they discover something new which is unique for them and it is important for the teachers to keep the students interested in the learning process so that they don’t get bored and lose interest. All this process in which the teacher plans his or her lessons and develops teaching techniques is known as lesson plan. Each subject has more than 15-20 chapters and each chapter is different from others and it’s the duty of the teacher to develop a lesson plan in order to complete the book of each subject by the end of the session and to verify if the students are ready for the exams or not.

Lesson Plan Guidelines:

  • Always choose a unique and interesting looking lesson plan.
  • Always start with objectives and define the goals before starting the plan.
  • Always plan extracurricular or alternate activities for the students in order to keep them interested in the learning process.
  • Teach new stuff but always add something from the previous learning in order to make a connection.
  • Always provide effective tips to prepare for each lesson and provide a wide range of learning materials for the students (i.e. internet, notes, notebooks, journals and libraries).
  • Always create the plan from the perspectives of the students because you know everything but it’s completely new for the students.
  • Create the lesson plan in such an order that it includes all the students in the class (dull students, slow learners and bright students who learn fast).
  • Always work with a timeline and milestones so that it’s easy to assess the progress and performance of each student.

Lesson Plan Template 01

Here is our first Lesson Plan Template to allow you in preparing your own Lesson Plan effectively.

Lesson Plan Template 01

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Steps to create a Lesson Plan

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to create a Lesson Plan:

  1. Outline the Necessary Learning Objectives:
    It is very important to define where you want to go and from where you are going to start. Without understanding the finish line of the learning, you can’t create a lesson plan. Also, it is very important to define the learning objectives at the start of each session so that the students understand what they will learn in the next lesson and what you are trying to teach them.
  2. Always give an Introduction in the Beginning:
    Always start with a brief introduction of each lesson in the beginning. This way, the students can easily get the idea of what they are about to learn and what the objectives behind learning all this are. Introduction includes a brief description of each lesson, its particulars and the elements that it includes. Also it helps the students to remember where they left off the last time when the previous lesson ended.
  3. Plan the particular Learning Activities:
    This usually includes the learning and teaching process by which you understand how you can teach the lesson easily to the students. It also defines the rules by which you can make it easier for the students that learn slower than others. It is important for the teacher to keep all the students on the same page because there are some students that learn fast where some students have difficulty learning the simple lessons.

Lesson Plan Template 02

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Lesson Plan Template

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Lesson planning is necessary for all teachers because it brings more effectiveness in their teaching patterns. Lesson plan helps all teachers to manage their lesson within instructional time and provide step by step guidance to students. It allows teachers to evaluate their performance by organizing short tests for students. Every teacher works differently to plan his/her lesson but some key elements of successful lesson plan remain same. Basically lesson plan is a detailed description designed by teacher to outline how he/she has planned to taught a specific subject or lesson. It is subjective to both students as well as teachers and usually contains three key elements such as introduction, teaching period and conclusion. Successful lesson plan is very helpful for teachers to present his/her study material in concise and effective manner to the students.

Lesson Plan Template 03

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Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

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Key Elements of Lesson Plan

Following are some key element of teacher’s lesson plan that can determine its effectiveness for students:

Set of Goals

Lesson plan should include set of goals in favor of students and all goals should be practical as well as achievable. Goals can be based on the hopes of teachers to accomplish the lesson during a specific period of time. Goal setting is perfect way to plan a lesson because it serves as guidelines for teachers to follow the determined timeline to cover a specific amount of course.


Lesson plan should feature objective portion such as what kind of information students should learn during the lesson and why they are required to learn it. The objective portion should be written in thorough and precise way to include everything about lesson and your class as a whole. You can break your long term objectives into different sections to execute them effectively. Lesson plan is effective for all types of subjects and all institutions because it a great way to increase the learning ability of your students.

Procedures of Lesson Plan

Procedure portion is an important part of lesson plan and it can be large enough depending on the details of all steps that a teacher has planned to meet with his/her goals and objectives. Size of this portion may vary according to the experience of the teachers such as new teacher will write detailed procedure and the experienced teacher will write only write his/her outline. Procedure may state how teacher has planned to distribute materials for the lesson and how students will be chaired while taking notes of lectures. Some teachers also state estimate time for the completion of each project to manage their time during the class work.

Assignments and Assessment Plans

It is necessary for teachers to write list of assignments the students are required to complete with in given time period. This portion may details all class assignments, home work, group assignments and any class assessment test. It will help the teacher to remain more focus toward goal. It is necessary for teachers to must include all instructions about the completion of assignments. You have to plan your lesson in a way so that you can devote some time for the assessment of your class.

Lesson Plan Template 04

Following Lesson Plan Template is good for Teachers to plan their lessons and objectives effectively.


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