Martial Art Certificate Template

You know that when you pass the high school or qualify in a short course, you are provided with a document that serves as the proof that you have passed the exam and you have all the skills and abilities needed for qualification. In routine life, a certification is necessary and the most important part of the education because it’s the only proof that shows you have the abilities and you are well equipped. In the same manner, when a person enters and qualifies from a martial art school, he is provided with a certificate that shows he has followed all the rules and passed all the exams. That document is called martial arts certificate.

This way when a student passes the exams and qualifies for a belt in the martial arts, he needs this certificate so that he can show to his friends and family that he is actually qualified. Moreover, when such a person applies for a job related to the martial arts in any way, this certification proves to the recruiter that the applicant is well experienced and he has learned all the martial art techniques.

There are number of elements that are added in martial arts certificate but the most important element is the name of the belt owned by the certificate owner. It can be a blue belt, green belt, brown belt or top of all, the black belt.

Necessary Elements of Martial Art Certificates:

  • Name of the institute that is issuing the certificate
  • Date when the certificate is issued
  • Validation or expiry date for the certificate
  • Serial number for official purposes
  • Name of the person getting the certificate
  • Level of his martial art abilities
  • Any particular details regarding the certificate or the owner
  • Signature for authentication of the certificate

Here is preview of a Free Sample Martial Art Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Martial Arts Certificate Template

Uses of Martial Art Certificates:

Unlike many other diplomas and certificates, when the field is this specific and particular, you can understand that a martial art certificate can’t be used for any other purpose other than just for applying for a job as martial arts instructor or trainer. When schools or fitness institutes offer martial arts education and training for common people, they make sure that they hire the most professional and skilled martial arts trainer and when hundreds of applicants have applied for the same job, it is very hard to select one of them who have the most abilities and skills.

This certificate helps the institutes and particularly the recruiters so that they can estimate the abilities of an applicant for martial art instructor position in the organization. As the certificate also includes the issue date, the recruiter can also make sure if the applicant has enough experience or not. Other than that, there is another use of this certificate that when students enter in a martial art institute, they can ask for the certificate of their instructor so that they can make sure that they are learning the skills from a well professional and skilled person.

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