Training Certificate Template

Training certificates are generally meant to be entitled as completion of training or successful training of the receiver of these certificates. Training certificates are commonly used in almost every department of professional life from teaching to engineering and technicians to medical assistants. In short wherever training sessions are needed and held, training certificates are there. These are to certify or present a proof of the expertise which one holds after successful training sessions. A large number of institutes conduct training sessions in relative fields and issue these certificates for the attendees so that they can benefit from their training back in their respective work environments by presenting these certificates to the concerned authorities.

Training certificates are widely used, as mentioned above for the purpose of certification and proofing of the efforts and successfully gained knowledge by one in respective field of training. These are to certify that the certificate holding individual is not just claiming to be expert in the said knowledge field, indeed he or she actually does which is proved through these training certificates. Secondly these certificates are a ticket to promotion; one simply does not return from training leave without having a bright chance of promotion on the basis of their hard work. Training certificates are issued to entitle the attendees of training or workshops for their grasped knowledge and not only a mere piece of paper. It actually is their recognition.

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Training Certificate Template

Designing training certificates is a rather simple task and not that of a mountainous effort as people see it. Anyone having a little knowledge of using computer graphics software can design his or her own customized training certificate for its participants in any training session he or she is organizing. A few elements are to be included in these training certificates and one needs to take care during the designing procedure. Take a look at the following key features for designing training certificates.

  • Training certificates are preferably designed in landscape orientation. This is the most common practice all around the world, so it is advised to choose landscape while designing a training certificate.
  • A nice designing border can be applied as an outer boundary to give the certificate a decent and attractive look.
  • The color theme of training certificates should be quite dull and decent. They are to be charming but the colors should not be very sharp. The color theme can also be chosen relevant to the institution theme colors (which is organizing the training or workshop).
  • The top and major heading of the certificate is the title of certification; most commonly used as ‘Certificate of Training’.
  • Following the main title certification statements are mentioned where the name of trainee and the type of training with period of training is mentioned. These details also include the institution or individual’s name who conducted the training.
  • The certificates terminate with the names and respective signatures of concerned trainers and authorities for authenticity of the certificate. Dates of training and dates of signing certificates are also to be mentioned.

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