Honor Roll Certificate Template

You know that there are many countries in which when a citizen does something noble or provide usual services for the human being; he is awarded with a credit or character certificate that shows his abilities and performance. In the same manner, an honor roll certificate is awarded by the schools, colleges and other educational institutions in order to award a particular student who has scored above the average limit or proved that he is not like other students and has extraordinary qualities that needs to distinguish him among others in the professional career.

Although it’s not necessary but most of the time, this certificate is awarded to 5-10 students in each semester in the colleges and universities and when they complete their studies, another student of the session type certificate is awarded to the student with most certificates throughout all the semesters.

Elements to add in the honor roll certificate:

  • Name of the school or institution that is providing the certificate
  • Reference number for authentication of the certificate
  • Date of issuance of the certificate
  • Name of the student or teacher who earned the certificate
  • Comments area from the head of the institution
  • Signature area for authentication

Here is preview of this Honor Roll Certificate Template,

Honor Roll Certificate Template

Benefits of honor roll certificate:

There are many benefits of honor roll certificates for both the students and the teachers but the most important benefit is that this certificate proves or shows that the owner is not like other students or teachers in the institution but he has some extraordinary qualities that distinguish him among others. This way the certificate helps the owners to achieve a good position in the professional life once they complete their studies or leave a job in the educational career.

On the other hand, there are some companies that include this particular condition in the job advertisements that it is necessary for the applicants to have an honor roll certificate because the job they are applying for is very important and the recruiter and HR department wants to make sure that they have hired the best candidate.

Uses of honor roll certificates:

As we have discussed above that there are two types of honor roll certificates; one for the students and the other for the teachers or professors. The first one for the students is very common and usually it is used by the students when they complete their studies and apply for jobs. They attach this certificate with their resume or cover letters and when the recruiter sees the certificate, he finds out that the applicant was a very bright student and he scored above the average level among the entire class in the school or college.

This gives him an idea that this type of extraordinary student can become a very useful asset for the company or organization. On the other hand, when this certificate is awarded to the teachers, it shows that they have taught the students in a particular or unusual way and this certificate helps them to get another job after leaving one.

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