Venn Diagrams

By | February 13, 2015

Venn diagram is a graphical presentation or illustration of different objects overlapping each other and most commonly, this technique is used to provide or show the relationship between sets of different objects or the things they have in common and the thing they don’t. Usually circles and boxes are used for this purpose but one can also use any other object such as a triangle or rectangle. In this presentation, each circle includes a separate sets or objects and these circles overlap with each other in order to indicate the objects that are common in each set.

The part of each circle that overlaps with another one shows the similarities where the part that doesn’t overlap, shows the uncommon objects or characteristics. This tool was invented back in 1880 by John Venn and that’s why it is also known as Venn diagram. The versatility of this tool is that this can be used in any field and area of life including mathematics, business and computer technology or programming.

Importance of Venn Diagrams:

Suppose you have to compare all the cars in the world and you have to do it in the most accurate manner where you can’t make any mistake. With Venn diagram, you can divide the cars in different groups such as the ones that go over 250 miles per minute, the ones that run on battery power, the ones that have automatic engines and then you can add more categories or groups with each color such as black, white, green, red and blue.

With Venn diagram, you need to assign a circle with each category or group and then you can overlap these circles with each other to present the comparison. This way if you and the other viewers can easily understand that when the circles are overlapping, a blue color car is the one that goes more than 250 miles per minute and it has automatic engine system where the other red one runs on battery power and still have an automatic engine. This way, the most important thing about Venn diagram is that it makes complex and difficult situations much easier so that anyone can easily understand them.

Application of Venn Diagrams in business:

We have mentioned the importance of Venn diagrams above in the content so you can understand that no matter where you work, you can use this diagram or technique anytime you want. This will not only gives you easy way to compare sets of objects but you will be more certain about your decisions and choices with this tool.

This is a common knowledge that when you have to compare more than one object at once, it is not an easy job. There are chances that if you do this comparison by a typical method, you will always miss something no matter how much you take care of the process. Venn diagram serves the basic purpose of providing you with all the information and details about the comparison that you can depend on this system by keeping it in your mind that you didn’t miss anything.

Some of the most common fields where Venn diagrams are used include:

  • Scientific presentations
  • Engineering presentations
  • Computer application
  • Programming and software development
  • Statistics
  • Theoretical mathematics

Here is preview of a Free Sample Venn Diagram created using MS Word,

Venn Diagram

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