Marketing Plan Template

Marketing for a company can be defined in many ways but in simple and easy words, it’s the strategy or planning of advertising a company in the market. Companies and organizations can’t survive or operate without marketing these days. Yes there were times when there were no concepts of marketing or advertising and the companies used to work fine in that situation but now the markets have changes along with the consumer buying behavior. Customers prefer the products that they heard of more often and they tend to trust the company with more credibility in the market and that is defined by how popular it is in the trading world.

When there are hundreds of manufacturers that produce the similar products and hundreds of organizations that offer the same services, it is really important for businesses and companies to stand distinguish in the market and let people feel a difference about them among all the other similar companies and that is only possible by advertising the company that is also known as marketing the company in the market.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Marketing Plan Template created using MS Word,

Marketing Plan Template

Here are the steps to prepare a marketing plan:

  1. Define your product or services:
    The key purpose of a marketing plan is to make a company famous in a market and to make people recognize and prefer the products or services that you offer and that is only possible when you know what products you manufacture or what kind of services your company offers. For example, if you make clothing stuff, you should go with young generation where if you make expensive or novelty automobiles, you should go with people above age 30 who can afford one.
  2. Define your market and target population:
    Once you have defined your product, it is time to define your targeted population or the desired customers that you want to acquire. This way you can create more effective marketing plan when you know the type, age, gender and race of the customer that you want to deal with.
  3. Analyze the present implemented marketing strategies:
    Even if you know everything about your company, it is very important that you analyze other companies and their marketing plans in the corporate world. You don’t want to end up with a marketing plan that was rejected years ago by the market or you also don’t want to implement a marketing plan that is similar to other companies because then there will be no difference.
  4. Feel the difference:
    Once you analyze some of the other companies and their marketing plans, it is time to get all the difference of each of those marketing plan. For example, a company goes with social media updates; another company goes with billboard where another company implements the pamphlet marketing strategy. This way, you can feel the difference and effects of each marketing strategy and with that; you can create your own marketing plan.
  5. Gather the information and create a unique marketing plan:
    Now it is time to put all the information and statistics together and form a marketing plan that will take your company where you want to see it in the next 3 or 6 months.

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