Storyboard Diagram Template

A storyboard is kind of a presentation or technique of illustrating the process of a project or new product development on paper work rather than creating a prototype and then evaluating the value and quality of the product.

Importance and benefits of Storyboard Diagrams:

If you have any knowledge of business and how companies work with projects and development of new products, you can understand that it usually includes two basic steps or elements including; creation of the new product and innovation. If you have worked in this field before, you know that both these steps require a huge amount of time and resources and if you don’t want to waste any time, it could create a problem.

Luckily, with storyboard diagrams, you can save a lot of your time and resources that you were about to invest in new processes of product development and creating new ideas. The beauty of this technique is that unlike many other methods, more than one departments in your company can use the same storyboards one by one which means there is no need to create more than one board even if the process includes up to 6 departments.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Storyboard Diagram Template created using MS Word,

Storyboard Diagram

Elements to take care with creating a Storyboard Diagram:

  • Just keep it simple:
    The basic idea behind creating a storyboard is to simplify the entire process of presenting an idea or project and you should keep it simple while creating the storyboard. It may seem that you can’t explain or describe a part of the story in simpler words but you have to work on it and there are chances that you will find a simple way to convey the complex message.
  • Try to make it more collaborative:
    It is possible that when you create a storyboard, you lost track of the steps or elements involved in the process. That could create a mess which will be hard to understand and it is also possible that in that situation, it will be difficult to link the individual parts of the story together. This is why you need to relate all the parts or sections of the story together.
  • Divide the entire story into sections:
    This is a very useful tip especially for those who are creating this storyboard for the first time or don’t have enough experience in this process. With dividing the whole story or project in separate sections or parts, you can work on each part individually and this way you can easily concentrate on every step so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Make it a good and interesting story:
    If you really want your coworkers and senior members to like your storyboard and don’t fall asleep during the presentation, you need to make it interesting so that they take interest in it and enjoy the time in the meeting room. You can add different images or pictures instead of boring paragraphs as a picture speaks thousand words.

Application of storyboard diagrams in business:

The application of storyboard diagram is very simple and it just includes three simple and basic steps including; key problem, most effective solution and benefit from this process. The storyboard starts with the problem that customers are facing and then it goes to the next level of presenting a new product as the solution of that problem. At the end, the storyboard shows the benefits with the new product for the company, which is like the key reason behind creating a new product in the first place.

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