Weekly Calendar Template

By | November 20, 2013

The calendar is the most important and valuable tool in our life and has a number of uses in different places to keep our lives punctual, organized and effective. From office to school and to home everywhere in our daily life we need to look at calendar in order manage our daily events, appointments, meetings and other regular tasks. It is observed that people who are using calendar in their daily life have a track record of organized and succeed life. Some people use calendars on a daily basis in order to organize and plan their daily evens, meetings and appointments whereas some others have a habit of using calendars on a weekly basis. Both have their own advantages and flaws in the eyes of their users. Here a comparison between both types of calendar usage on the basis of some common and effective points. People are using calendars that come with blank pages for writing events and appointments.

Here is preview of a Weekly Calendar Template that can easily be used to fulfill requirements for both Weekly as well as Daily Calendar usages,

Weekly Calendar Template-1

Daily Calendar usage

Daily calendar usage has lots of pages and on each page you are allowed to write about a single day plans, therefore it needs to manage regularly. In this regard it is time consuming and costly also because more pages will cost you more. On the other hand a good thing about a daily calendar is that it has lots of space for a single day and hence users can write special events, appointments and meetings in details. Daily calendars are suitable for those people working in a group or team and are usually used by supervisors or team leaders as it allow you to write schedules and details of events of more than two persons or up to four persons on a single page. It’s become difficult for the organizer or user of daily calendar usage when he/she need to find out a particular transaction or event as they have to search out lots of pages in case they forget the exact date of the event.

Weekly calendar usage

The layout of a weekly calendar is simple and usually contains fewer pages than a daily calendar planner and hence cost you comparatively less. Weekly calendar has three to four weeks on a single page for organizing events and in this way one can easily manage the entire week on two side by side page layouts. Usually weekly calendar usage is considered good for personal use. For office use, weekly calendars are usually used by office secretary for the boss or supervisors for their personal use. It is time saving as one can easily organize it on the weekend and can also view the record of the whole week at one glance.

Both kinds of calendar usage have its own benefits however, a couple of common and beneficial points are that both are adding punctuality, discipline and to keep your life on track. Before going to start weekly or daily usage of the calendar it is good to determine the amount you want to spend as well as the time you can allocate.

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