Free Invoice Template

It’s a messy job to compile all the details in invoice form without letting it be lengthy or taking up a form of volume. But here are some useful features that have to keep in mind and you will design your own invoice with ease. A basic feature to design an invoice is to choose bare structure of your invoice and that should be of standard letter format so it can be convenient for clients as well. Next step is to put your company name on it and physical address, such as, email address, phone numbers and any relevant contact. There is no reason to hide such information from your client; it will help them for accounting and for further dealings.

There must be a section mentioned to date with invoice number, may be you do not feel necessary to give your invoice number but it will be of great use for you and your client’s file system. You must choose a functional as well as a creative and attractive corporate brand. It is up to you whether to design a new logo or taking up from your business card as already in use. Do some creativity with it to make it look exclusive. Next step is to creating area for an items’ list that you are going to bill your client. Even if you are doing a single project for your customer, you must split it into timeline so customer can analyze it what he will be paying for. Put information in readable manner, in evident grid.

Here is preview of a professional but Free Invoice Template,

Invoice Template

Some of you are thinking of also write few details of items in invoice; in that case you should build an empty row between every item for the detailed description, although this is not necessary but as per choice. You should tell about the due date of your payment to the client because when you complete your work in decided time then it’s your right to get payment on time so you should mention the due date of payment on your invoice, for example, payment expected due within the week when invoice is received. Manage this section accurately because you have to deal with many clients and your invoice should be ready to fit in any scenario that you may come up against.

The primary thing is to highlight important information in bright colorful things that you want your client to take notice of first, like the sender’s name, when it’s due and what value it contains. Then other detailing has secondary value in your invoice. By highlighting your primary information, when you take a black and white print of your invoice, it will look as significant as with colors. Use widely accepted format for your invoice and make sure its size will not exceed limits. All these little details seem unimportant to you but in total it will work out to perceive your invoice by others. A good invoice is one that is understandable and received by your client with no objection.

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