Project Progress Report Template

Progress report is an important part of educational and business organizations because this report is designed to access the progress of students or organizations in a specific project. It is important part of student as well as business development. Progress reports are designed in different ways according to their requirements but these reports should state the strengths and weaknesses in the performance of project. Designing of progress report requires time and it is necessary to write it effectively for the guidance of reader. You have to be very careful because you are devoting your time so should use it in better way. Progress report should be clear description of your project so that the reader can evaluate your performance.

Progress reports offer great way to communicate success and failure of project to the business associates and other persons related to the business. Anyone can use these reports are for their long term business projects.

Here is preview of this Project Progress Report Template using MS Word,

Project Progress Report Template

Tips to Write Progress Report

Progress report helps you to record strengths and weaknesses of your project therefore following are some tips to write progress report:

  • In first step you have to analyze your audience to determine their relationship with your project and business. You have to consider about their needs while writing your progress report.
  • Determine how technical language you can use by finding different technical jargons but elaborate everything properly for the convenience of your client. You can use footnotes to write the meaning of technical jargons.
  • You have to decide how frequent your progress report will be and how you want to communicate your message. Progress report is necessary to communicate in meeting. You can send progress report through emails or present orally in the meeting according to the trends of your organizations.
  • You have to start your progress report with introduction and try to state everything in concise way for the convenience of readers. Give background of the current project in your report and write deadlines for your project.
  • Write complete details in the body of the report to identify tasks to be accomplished during the dates. Discuss all issues you have faced while execution of the project. It is necessary to write all issues that are required to address.
  • Describe all steps in the project for your business to increase your success chances. Outline all problems that are necessary to address during the project period. Tell your audience about the expected deadlines.
  • Write conclusions and recommendations for the easy understanding of reader. You have to state your opinion on all success chances and all those elements that can turn your success into failure. Invite your audience for open discussion to get their recommendations also.

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