Event Report Template

An Event Report is an overview and analysis of a conference or an event. It includes the collection of key features, latest thinking, and approach presented at a conference.

Event reporting follows a discipline. So, you should follow a well-structure and format to write a well, descriptive, and informative Event report. It should cover all the moments from initial to conclusion phase. So, one need to highlight the event in a detailed manner such that one can make an imaginary view of the event while reading the event report. If a reader is able to make a virtual picture in his mind via reading a report then only your event report is successful. So, an event report should have some key points that boost engagement and quality of the report.

Here are the key elements of Event Report: –

Summary: – An event report starts with a brief summary. Write a brief summary of 1-2 pages to describe the key points of the seminar and conference.

Venue: -Venue is also a key element and should get place in an event report because it’s the destination where the conference was held. You should explore venue by mentioning the audience capacity, space availability, and other features.

Participant’s information: -It is necessary to mention the figure of the audience who participated in the seminar. You should describe the audience information in a demographic format like gender, profession, age group and other factors relevant to the niche of the seminar and conference. Mention the names of chief guests and VIP list invited to attend the seminar.

Advertising exposure: -Organizations plan advertising campaigns on Radio, TV, internet and other platforms. They use brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, PPC, PPM, Social media, digital media, digital signage, and digital screen advertising methods to reach more audience. Collect the record of both offline and online advertising and highlight it in the report.

On-site exposure: – It includes information about the digital and graphical presentation. The use of graphics, images, and videos displayed via digital signage and banners. The samples distributed in selected number of people. The comparison of the number of products delivered by the organization what they have promised to distribute.

Off-site exposure: -It includes a record of documents such as presentations, reviews etc and online visibility. The record of samples delivered by the organization and what they have promised to deliver.

Promotional results: – Organizations set campaigns to attract an audience for the seminars. The promotional campaigns include discounts, offers, donations etc. Collect the information about the promotional activity and include it in the report.

Outcome: – An event report is incomplete without an outcome. The conclusion phase includes information about the number of tickets purchased, activities of volunteers and the impact of the conference. If any charity donation program held at the end of a conference then also mention about it in the outcome.

So, you should integrate these points to write a highly impressive Event report. Here is a preview of a Free Sample Event Report Template created by  our staff to help you get started with this task,

Event Report Template

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