Gantt Chart Template

By | March 23, 2015

When it comes to project management, the process is tougher and complex as compared to the other areas and fields of a business. If we ask some of the top project managers in the world, we will find out that there are only two most important things or elements of a project that the manager keeps track of including; complete the project within budget and finish it on time.

Gantt chart is a worldwide usable application or computer software that helps the project management staff to keep track of most important elements of a project including timing, scheduling, staff members, progress, finances and resource allocation.

Importance of a Gantt Chart:

  • Clarity:
    The most important benefit of Gantt chart is that it allows the supervisors or project manager to oversee the progress of all the team members and thus help them to track the problems or setbacks without going through each of them.
  • Communication:
    Gantt charts also allow and help the team members along with the project manager to communicate with each other in a better way. This not only saves a lot of time and making it possible or much easier to complete the project on time but it also clears out the errors and mistakes in between the staff members and supervisors.
  • Motivation:
    It is a common knowledge that some people perform better when they are motivated or work in a competitive situation. Gantt chart has the feature of displaying the progress of each team of the project to show their progress in a separate way on a timeline which further, motivates the other team members to work harder in order to win the race. This competition not only keeps the members on the same track but keeps them motivated to work more effectively.
  • Resource allocation:
    This feature is more helpful for supervisors or project manager as compared to the other staff members but as we look at the bigger picture, this helps the entire team working on a project. With Gantt chart, project manager can easily allocate the resources even before the project starts which gives then enough foresight to work on the errors and possible delays that may come in future.

Application of Gantt Chart in business:

  • Gantt chart and Gantt software programs are widely used in business management processes. There are Gantt charts available for all kinds of projects and tasks no matter what kind of business you want to use this chart in.
  • One of the key use or application of Gantt chart is in scheduling for projects and tasks. For project manager, Gantt charts provide big help for keeping their progress on schedule and these charts also allow them to finish the project on time.
  • Gantt charts provide a lot of help for keeping the project team on the same page where on the other hand, it also enables the project manager to keep track of the progress of each member of the project team along with the resources and money.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Gantt Chart Template created using MS Word,

Gantt Chart Template

Here is download link for this Gantt Chart Template,
Download Gantt Chart Template

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