Vacation Request Template

The unbridled pursuit of our passions is what differentiates a fulfilling career from a paper-pusher job where one drudges along with the daily duties ad infinitum, or at least until the twilight of one’s productive life.

The nature of work done, the remuneration as well as commendations received for successfully completed tasks and the achievement of mandates and goals are all key determinants of the level of satisfaction that a person derives from employment.

However, even the most satisfying work environment and competitive remuneration packages are not in themselves sufficient to ensure sustained productivity, commitment and creativity from even the most self-motivated workers.

After all, what good is the pursuit of livelihood when it cannot be enjoyed in the form of a well-rounded and memorable life?

For this very reason, it is imperative that all workers must be allowed to take some time off periodically from their respective daily commitments to be able to unwind from the daily grind. The argument that weekends suffice for the purpose of a break from the routine hardly holds ground given the busy lifestyles of the modern day and age, as household commitments and chores take up whatever little time that is afforded to the average employee during these periods.

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Vacation Request Template

Vacations are not just breaks away from work. The leading companies of the world such as 3M, DuPont and Google, are rapidly adopting policies that not only provide time and compensation to their employees for vacations; they are actually mandating that each individual must avail these opportunities on a periodic basis.

The rationale behind such policies is the dawning realization that in the Information Age, employees are subjected to levels of mental stress that have perhaps, not being experienced in yesteryears. As computers and machines have replaced humans in performing mundane and uniform tasks, the role of human resource has become more complex and as a consequence, taxing than ever before.

Consider the example of modern-day aviation crews. Even though the aircrafts used in commercial travel in contemporary times are far more technologically advanced than their predecessors, they also require a much higher level of skill and alertness from their handlers. For this reason, aircraft pilots now spend hundreds of hours on flight simulators, even when they are not flying actual airplanes. The prolonged use of flight simulators has been proven to have adverse effects on the sensory abilities of these users.

While we are not all airplane pilots or rocket scientists, chances are most skilled human resources employed among the developed as well as emerging economies are engaged in work that takes a mental and physical toll on the employees.

Besides the relief provided by a timely vacation, taking a break also allows people to come back afresh; with renewed vigor and often, new insights and ideas for the same work. The leading organizations of the world are built upon the human ingenuity of their resource pool and sustained improvements in the abilities and motivation of this most precious resource mandates regular vacations.

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