Genogram Templates

Genogram Template can be used to create a good looking Genogram very quickly. A Genogram may be a household map or track record that utilizes unique emblems to explain human relationships, main occasions, and also the characteristics of your loved ones over many ages. Psychological medical and health experts frequently use Genograms to spot shapes of physical and mental ailments like depressive disorders, the disease condition, melanoma as well as other anatomical disorders.

To start the Genogram you will have to meet with members of the family first. Subsequently, you may use normal Genogram signs to make a plans that records your beloved ones specific background. It helps to build the better relations with family members, as it facilitates you to settle down any ambiguity created between you and your family. Genogram can create many possibilities to be happy ever after in your life, it can help to set your personal life goals as which are also interacts with your professional career.

What is a Genogram?

Here is an informative short video that explains what is a Genogram Diagram.


Genogram Emotional Relationship Symbols

An important aspect of Genogram Diagram is to show Emotional Relationship between two entities. There are several such relationships that you can display to help reader understand their relationships in a better way.

Following diagram shows different types of Emotional Relationship Symbols that you can use in your genogram diagrams.

genogram relationship symbols


Free Genogram Templates

Here is preview of our first Genogram Template created in MS Word for you to assist in preparing your own Genogram.

My Genogram Template 01

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Checkout another useful Free Genogram Template to help you prepare your own.

My Genogram Template 02

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Genogram Template

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Checkout this 2nd Genogram Template in MS Word format to give you more choices as how to design and create your own Family Genogram effectively. This represents a traditional family tree structure to help reader understand its vertical relationship among different entities.

Genogram Template 02

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Yet another good looking Genogram Template. This is simple yet professional template where correct symbols are used along with corresponding relationship connectors.

Genogram Template 03

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One more template for your quick assistance.

Genogram Template 04

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Genogram Diagram Guidelines:

Here are day to day tips for creating Genogram Diagram using Microsoft Word,

  1. Figure out your purpose in making a Genogram. The reason will help you concentrate on the kind of family members data you intend to gather. Additionally it is vulnerable to help you to choose with whom you may discuss your finished diagram–sometimes the data may be deemed distressing or too hypersensitive for a few relatives, therefore you will need to assess that with respect to the framework.
  2. Make a decision exactly how many ages you want to symbolize in the genogram. This gives that you simply apparent concept of whom you will have to meet for information and facts to finish the plans and also whether this can be feasible provided people’s age groups and physical syndication.
  3. Review of your genealogy. Jot down anything you know earliest. When you have surpassed your personal understanding, speak with household members. Seek advice regarding family member’s interactions and substantial occasions. Get good records.
  4. Create your Genogram. Genogram design templates can be found that can easily be carried out online or even completed manually. You can also buy software packages specifically designed for making genograms.
  5. Work with conventional genogram signs to signify members of the family as well as their associations, both typical and structural. Your signs behave as a visible indication of your information and facts you collected in the meetings. It is possible to sketch the typical genogram signs manually or using the “draw” or even “shapes” methods in a Microsoft word software.
  6. Set up the graph or chart according to family members relationships starting with the most ancient era you wish to symbolize. For instance, you can make a decision to initiate the genogram with the grandma and grandpa or even the great grandma. Genograms enables you to demonstrate your multiplicity in family interactions and also motifs of ailments.
  7.  Try to find patterns. Once you have built the Genogram, start looking cautiously to find out what behaviors can easily be recognized. There might be genetic signs or specific mental traits which are quite apparent when arranged with each other in this manner.

More Free Genogram Diagram Templates:

If you prefer to have more choices by means of layouts rather than technical specifications, please see following collection of free PD Templates available for immediate download.

Genogram Template 01
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Genogram Template 02
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Genogram Template 03
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Genogram Template 04
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Genogram Template 05
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Genogram Template 06
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Genogram Template 07
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Genogram Template 08
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Genogram Template 09
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Genogram Template 11
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Genogram Template 12
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Genogram Template 13
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Genogram Template 14
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Genogram Template 15
Size: 34 KB
Genogram Template 16
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Genogram Template 17
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Genogram Template 18
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Genogram Template 19
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Genogram Template 20
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Genogram Template 21
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Genogram Template 22
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Genogram Template 23
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Genogram Template 24
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Genogram Template 25
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Genogram Template 26
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Genogram Template 27
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Genogram Template 28
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Genogram Template 29
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Genogram Template 31
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