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By | September 22, 2013

It’s easy to select a dress for you and your partner for a friend’s party that you are invited to but choosing a perfect gift is not a piece of cake. This could be a lot worse if you don’t know that person very much and it’s hard to say what he or she likes or might need. You have a couple of choices such as you can buy something and just get it over with but this way there is a possibility that your present won’t be treated pleasantly so what are the other choices? You can ask that person of couple or just give them cash so that they can buy whatever they want or need. And if you have decided to pay them in cash, it’s best that you think of getting them a gift voucher. As you know that it’s a present for a couple, so what’s more exotic then offering them a travel gift voucher which they can use to travel to whatever place they want.

A travel voucher is just like a credit card or a gift coupon only bigger in size but you use it just the same way as a credit or debit card. Travel companies issue this coupon and the person, who gets it, can use it to travel to which ever place he or she wants. Some of these vouchers are limited and you have to use them within limited time period like in six months or one year where others are unlimited and you can use them whenever even after two to three years too. Travel companies that have routes all over the country, offer you to use it to go any destination you like where others which are limited to a state or province, allow you to travel within that area. Also you can’t transfer the voucher to anyone else as it issued to your name and only you can take it to the booking counter and also you can’t get money by returning the coupon as it only can be used for services the company offers.

Here is preview of this Free Travel Voucher Template created using MS Word,

Travel Voucher Template

How to create a travel voucher by your own:

  • First of all decide what the theme of your gift voucher will be. You can use formal, casual or humorous template depending upon your own choice.
  • Then you need to decide if you want graphics on the voucher or if you like it simple. With the help of this card you can also promote your business if you put a picture of your company or buses on the coupon.
  • Now it’s time to decide what should be written on the voucher as you want people to get to know you and your business but you can’t convince them to read a lengthy paragraph which they have to read thoroughly.
  • After that you can use a graphic program in which you just have to press some buttons and the software designs it in a few moments.
  • Then you can download the template into your computer to print it later or you can print it right away.
  • It’s recommended that if you are just a designer and there is someone else who has to approve the design, show him the template first and then print it.

Here is download link for this Travel Voucher Template,
download template

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