Babysitting Voucher Template

By | September 22, 2013

Unlike some cultures or societies, in Europe and America people actually leave their children with some strangers or professional care takers which in professional language called, babysitter. There are thousand agencies which provide you with a babysitter according to your need and requirement such as if you want a teenage girl to look after your two years old or an old nanny who will take care of your children and house too. Although it’s not a healthy act to leave your children with strangers but sometimes it’s necessary to do so. If both of you are working and no one has time to stay at home with kids or prepare their meals, it’s okay to hire a babysitter. In return you have to pay that person for the services he or she has delivered and mostly these babysitters work on hourly rates. Sometimes that babysitter is old enough to get paid in cash so that he or she can spend according their needs but there are times when the babysitter is underage and is not allowed to be paid in cash by his or her parents, the owner is required to pay that babysitter in some alternate way.

In that particular situation, either you can give him stuff instead of money or facilitate him with a babysitting voucher. A babysitter voucher is kind of a certificate or coupon which the owner is allowed to spend to buy some particular stuff or get special services. If you have hired a teenage babysitter and her parents have told you not to pay her in cash, you can offer her a gift voucher which she can use to buy stuff from a superstore or shopping mall. This way her parents will be satisfied that she is using the money only for right purpose and not buying any drugs or alcohol. Boys use this coupon to buy games kind of stuff where girls use it to buy clothes, makeup stuff and salon services like makeover, manicure and pedicure.

Here is preview of this Free Babysitting Voucher Template created using MS Word,

Babysitter Voucher Template

General guidelines to create a babysitter voucher:

  • This voucher is issued by the babysitting agency or government babysitting department.
  • First of all you have to decide whether you want to keep the voucher’s design simple or a unique one.
  • It’s totally up to you if you want to put some pictures or graphics on the voucher or just some text that explains your business and the advantages of using such a voucher.
  • It’s a great way to advertise your business and to tell the people about the services or offers you are offering. You should consider using more images and less text as a picture speaks thousand words and this way it’s easier to understand.
  • Then come up with the information that the voucher will include such as name of the owner, amount of voucher, owner’s account number in the company and the voucher’s serial number.
  • Then open a graphic program like Coral draw which eases your work and you don’t have to do a lot.
  • Choose the perfect color and template for your voucher which surely matches the services type that you are offering.
  • Once you are done with the design, ask your supervisor or a senior to approve it and save it in your computer or print it right away.

Here is download link for this Babysitting Voucher Template,
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