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By | June 30, 2016

Judicial and law related matters are of extreme sensitiveness in this present world of complexities. These matters are always occurring around, in almost every department of the practical life you see; students seeking admission, people applying for governmental jobs, cases related to crime and to be heard in court and other countless cases of similar scenarios. In this world, nothing has value until it is documented to be a proof, to be in materialistic form, to exist! If you have signed a statement, no one can believe by just telling them that you signed it; because there is no proof of that. For this people amongst the society are trusted by court and being appointed as Notary or Notary Public.

A notary statement is a statement which mentions that any action being done, or any document being signed was originally done by someone specific. This is to assure the court or any other concerned legal authority when that document is presented in front of them. A notary or notary public has the authority to issue a notary statement in lieu of any action performed under his or her observation. Notary statements are signed and issued by the office of a notary public.

A notary statement usually is a short statement written in a legal format; described by court or any other governing body of any state or country which deals with legal matters. Since notary statements are to prove any act or document to be genuine and original, respectively; notary statements are generally categorized in three categories:

  • For Oath or Affirmations
  • For an Acknowledgement
  • For a Certified Copy

Whichever might be the case, a notary statement follows a general pattern of writing. The main heading lines (which are not bolded as in headings) are about mentioning the state or province under which this notary statement is being issued and will be found to be valid. In case there is a county or division which comes under the specific state or province, is also mentioned afterwards.

After the starting lines of a notary statement, the general body comes which is comprised of a confirming / assuring / proofing paragraph where an act which is being certified is mentioned. There are spaces left blank for date and also for the name(s) of people involved in the act. This statement is written on the behalf of a notary public so the paragraph should make sense in that way.

Afterwards, the notary’s signature along with his or her state under which he or she is working has to be mentioned. A seal from the notary has to be put aside the signatures. Just beneath the signatures and to the right of the seal, name of the notary public has to be present; it can be typed, printed or stamped.

The ending mentions how the notary knows the person involved, in case of a random citizen, the proof of identification provided has to be mentioned and a copy of that has to be attached with this notary statement.

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Notary Statement Template

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