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By | August 11, 2013

An appointment slip is a piece of paper that shows time and date for a meeting. Companies give appointment slips to their clients in order to reserve the time for the next meeting. Doctors give appointment slips to their patients so in order to stay on schedule for the next visit. An appointment letter works both ways. On one hand it prevents the company to call two clients at the same time and on the other hand it helps the clients to remember the time and date of the meeting.

Organizations, apart from being small or big, are using appointment slips. A company can’t work smoothly if it’s not using appointment slips. Firms exhibit their policies and services through the appointment slip. It leaves a very good effect on client’s mind and its alternate way of advertisement.

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Appointment Slip Template

What an appointment slip looks like:
An appointment slip is a piece of paper. It has the company name, officer’s name, the address of the office and the date of meeting along with the time. It can be in a shape of a visiting card or a large paper usually 1/2th of A4 paper.

There are many types of appointment slips like:

  1. Company’s appointment slip
  2. Individual’s appointment slip
  3. Doctor’s appointment slip

When it comes to a company, there is always a person whose job is to make appointments on behalf of the superiors. The CEOs or the managers don’t have time to meet someone out of nowhere. So the person who wants to meet them, contact to their assistant and make an appointment for the future. Then the client gets a piece of paper with time and date. That piece of paper helps the assistant not to make two appointments at the same time. On the other hand, it helps the client to meet at the expected time and date.

When it comes to an individual, he makes his own appointments. He writes time and date of the upcoming meeting on an appointment slip and gives it to the client. He himself also keeps a record of all the meetings. This helps a lot when someone has specific clients who meet with him repeatedly. This little effort eliminates the chances of any trouble going to happen in future.

In case of a doctor or a hospital, the appointment slip is very important. A doctor meets hundreds of patients daily. It’s impossible for him to remember their names and the time of next checkup. The patient, on the other hand, can also forget about the next checkup because he has many other things to focus on. So the best way is to fix the time for the next appointment and put it on a paper.

Appointment slip has got the advantage of giving your business a professional look by reminding the clients that the time has set for the next meeting while additionally it enhances the business by advertising for it. You can put your company’s logo on the appointment slip. It doesn’t cost you much and the effects are pretty huge.

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