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By | June 24, 2013

A trip permission slip is a document sent from the school or college authorities to the parents of the student. The purpose of this slip is to notify the parents about the trip and getting their permission to take their child. It is a kind of a form that the parents have to fill and send back to school if they want to send their child on a field trip inside or outside the city.

This form consists of two parts. The upper part of the form is filled by the school authorities and the bottom part is supposed to be filled by the parents. The upper part of a trip permission slip contains:

  • School or other organization’s name.
    • Name of school
    • Logo of school
    • Address of school along with phone number and email
  • Date.

It’s the date the form is sent to the home for parent’s signature.

  • Name of class the student is reading in.

This covers all the information about the class and the section for the knowledge of parents so that they know there is no mistake and actually their child’s class or section is going on trip.

  • Information about the trip.
  • Date of trip
  • Location of trip
  • Departure time
  • Return time
  • Total cost of the trip
  • Estimated time on the road
  • Method of travelling
  • Type or vehicle along with the driver’s name and experience

Here is preview of this Trip Permission Slip Template created using MS Word,

Permission Slip Template

The second part of the form includes:

  • Child’s name.
  • It shows the first and last name of the child that is going on trip
  • It eliminates the possibility of sending out the wrong form
    • Permission for any medical assistance if needed.
      • In this part the parents allow the school authority to give any medical assistant to the child in case of any emergency
  • Parent’s signature.
    • Here the parent is supposed to sign along with his or her full name
    • Additionally, parents are also asked to provide a phone number that the school authorities can reach them in case of any emergency
  • Method of payment.
    • It includes a note for the authorities to collect cash or check with the form from the child in order to eliminate the chance of misplacing of money.
  • Any comments for the school.
    • If the child has some kind of allergy or disease like asthma, it is important to inform the school about that.

The first part of the permission slip is for the parents to keep so they have necessary information about the destination and other things about the trip. The second part is for the school authorities so they have vital proof that the parents have allowed their child to go for the particular trip.

In many countries, it’s necessary to inform the parents about the upcoming trip and get their permission to eliminate any dispute in the future. And also, when the parents have the information about the trip destination, they can contact to the teachers in case of any family emergency.

Here is download link for this Permission Slip Template,

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