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By | June 24, 2013

A packing slip is an essential shipping document. It is an itemized directory of what a unique cargo is made up of, what the cargo contains and information of each and every item. Generally it is used in local as well as overseas shipment. It is made by the shipper. It is either inside the box or outside the box. If it’s inside, it’s only a piece of paper but in case of outside, it is laminated in plastic to make it water proof.

A packing slip is a necessary document for sender and receiver to confirm that the shipment is exact. After receiving the package, that person takes a look at packing list and can confirm whether it is right according to his order or not. And also he can check all the items inside the box and can compare them with the packing list after opening the package.

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Packing Slip Template

A general packing list contains:

  • The company the shipment is from.
    • Company log
    • Company’s information like address, phone number, fax and email.
  • The receiver’s information.
    • Receiver’s name
    • His complete address along additional details like phone numbers and postal code.
    • Buyer’s order number for future reference.
  •  Information about the included items.
    • The quantity of items
    • Net weight of each item along with gross weight of the box
  • Other necessary information.
    • The date the buyer ordered the items
    • Date the shipment was made by the sender
    • Details of by what means the order was shipped
    • The estimated time of delivery
  • Comments (if any)
    • If the items inside are fragile then the shipment should contain a note by the sender in order to keep the items safe.

These are pretty much the necessary information that one can find on a packing slip. Details of a packin slip vary in different countries or even in different cargo companies within a same country but the key information remain the same.

In case of sending goods in more than one shipment, the shipper adds an extra detail of the second shipment on packing list so the receiver will know that the remaining items are coming in a later delivery. This little detail can save you from a lot of trouble by the receiver at the end. And also it’s important to clear that a packing list is not an invoice or the bill but only a paper with the details of items.

Sometimes the packing list comes with extra information about the price of each item and the shipping cost. This detail is very useful. It allows an individual to check the price of each item as it’s supposed to be if he is going to pay at the delivery time. This also eliminates the chances of sending it back by the end user after opening and seeing that an item is missing or it’s not what it is supposed to be. These days, there is no shipment domestic or international which is made without a packing list.

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